How to Defeat the Unions, Scott Walker Style

How to Defeat the Unions, Scott Walker Style Image

How do you fix the economy? You balance the budget, cut taxes, and release the stranglehold unions have on the public sector.

That’s exactly what Governor Scott Walker has accomplished in Wisconsin. And Big Labor is angry about it.

Walker turned a $3.2 billion deficit into a $300 million surplus, while cutting taxes. Since his time in office, he has required public employees to help contribute a small fraction to their pension and health care plans. Coming into office with 9% unemployment in the state, one of the worst in the country, his pro-business environment has led to job creation and lowering the unemployment rate to 7.1%.

And he accomplished all of this in less than 14 months.

That’s why the unions have been intimidating and bullying people all over the state to recall Governor Scott Walker. They feel entitled to their free pensions and health care, and want everyone else to pay for it.

Now the unions are trying to make an example of Governor Walker. If they win, they will send a signal to every conservative, elected official in America: Unions are untouchable… and we will defeat you if you dare oppose us!

Bureaucrats in Wisconsin just confirmed Governor Walker will face a Democratic challenger on June 5th, and multiple polls show the race is a dead heat.

The Wisconsin Recall Action Fund has been formed to help Scott Walker win this election. We were on the ground during the 2011 State Senate recalls, and we helped keep the Wisconsin Senate in Republican hands.

We know how to save Scott Walker. Our organization is running a full fledged campaign to combat the liberal forces that are dedicated to defeating the Governor. We are taking the fight directly to the unions, battling them on the ground, door-to-door.

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Here is how we will win:

3 Steps to Save Scott Walker

1) Don’t Back Down on Your Principles

Governor Scott Walker refused to accept the status quo. He balanced the budget without raising taxes and without laying off state employees.

Through TV, radio, and online ads, we will give voters the full story about Walker’s record.

2) Defeat the Unions

We won’t be intimidated by union thugs. In fact, unions should be concerned. If they lose this election, union membership and dues will plummet…

Unions are bankrupting Wisconsin, harming public education, and funneling money to candidates who puppet their agenda. We will remind voters of their disastrous record.

3) Turn Out Republicans and Independents

Polls show only 6% of voters are undecided. Republicans and Independents who are on the sidelines need to be motivated, and we will accomplish this by contacting likely GOP voters multiple times.

We have skilled campaign operatives on the ground in Wisconsin who are funded by over 8,000 small dollar donors across America.

We are in the final 30 days before voting day, and the polls are close. Whoever wins, will win this election by an extremely thin margin—with some saying it can come down to a 1 point difference and no one being able to predict who will come out on top.

To make our campaign as effective as possible, we need your help to take us over the top in the last days of this race. Click here to Save Governor Scott Walker, Fight the Recall, and donate:

We are the only organization executing a strategic ground offensive against the unions to ensure Scott Walker wins this election. Join us today in sending a clear message:

We won’t be intimated. We refuse to be bullied. And we will defend our free market system and liberty and those, like Scott Walker, who protect it.


By Greg Langhaim

Executive Director, Wisconsin Recall Action Fund