Repeal ObamaCare At The Polls!

Repeal ObamaCare At The Polls! Image

It’s official.  The SCOTUS finally ruled that ObamaCare is constitutional.   Specifically, the court paved the way for the federal government to penalize tax any American that does not purchase the product they were told to purchase.  In this case it is health insurance.  Who knows what else the government will demand we purchase in the future.

Like most Americans I was in shock to hear that Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberal justices to uphold ObamaCare almost in its entirety.  The presumed outcome was at least individual mandate would be struck down.  The question most people had was if the rest of ObamaCare would also be thrown out or if it would be left for Congress to fix.  Now we are stuck with ObamaCare and all of its blunder, but the battle for our liberty is not over!

The SCOTUS’s decision (with many previous decisions) serves as a reminder that the American people cannot remain silent and let the courts defend our freedoms for us.  The responsibility to protect and defend our  God-given unalienable rights ultimately rests with each individual American.  The court gave its opinion on the law, but it is up to us to decide if we will allow ObamaCare or any other tyrannical law be forced down our throats or not.

The only way we are going to get rid of ObamaCare is to get rid of Obama and as many Democrats that supported the law as possible.  Just like during the last mid-term election, this November Americans  will have the opportunity to give a pink slip to every Democrat that voted for the law.  As a bonus we can fire Obama this time too!  They all must be replaced with conservatives that vow to pass a repeal bill.

The majority of Americans still favor repealing ObamaCare, but that does not mean much if they do not vote.  As patriotic Americans it is our duty to ensure that not only we vote, but that our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers vote as well.  Of course, we have to make sure they are registered to vote and they know which conservative candidates to support all the way down the ticket.

Americans hold a tremendous amount of power over our country’s future.  Our power to vote cannot be wasted.   We must use that power to tell Obama and every other politician that our health care decisions about will not ripped from our hands and given to a bureaucrat.  By way of the ballot we must tell Washington that as Americans we will not be ruled! 

Notice to the GOP: Do not screw this opportunity up!

This is your last chance. If you blow this, I’m out and you need to be destroyed.

What is it? Repeal ObamaCare on Day 1. Don’t worry about replace, don’t worry about anything else…

[A]s soon as Mitt takes the oath of office, before his speech…walk the bill up to him at the podium to sign.

If this does not happen, the GOP must be destroyed and a new party built to replace it. We’ve tried the carrot approach (votes, money, volunteers) to change your behavior. Now it’s time to show you the stick.