SNL Slams Undecided Voters In Hilarous Parody- And Nails It!

SNL Slams Undecided Voters In Hilarous Parody- And Nails It! Image

With only weeks left to go in this race and the very clear choice between two very different candidates, I guess I’m not the only one left wondering how in the world someone could still be “undecided.”  Who are these people?  Do they live under a rock somewhere?  Are they completely uninvolved in the process to the point where they don’t know even the basic differences between the two candidates and parties?  Are they at all aware of what is going on in this country?

Apparently, the SNL writers agree and they decided to attack it straight on.  I’ll admit, they put my thoughts into words.  Get ready to laugh!

“This election will determine the future of our country.  And this election will be decided by the undecided voter….”

“Before you get OUR vote you are going to have to answer some questions.  Questions…like…When IS the election?…What are the NAMES of the two people running?…Who is the president right now?…How long IS a president’s term of office?…”

It just gets better!…

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  • Rollie

    HAha,, can't get funnier than this, 🙂