November 6th: Vote Out Failure!

November 6th: Vote Out Failure! Image

When Obama took office the opportunity was ripe for him to take charge and get America back on the road to prosperity.  He sold Americans on “hope and change” and that is what they expected.  Oh, what a difference a few years can make!

Soon after Obama took office it started becoming very clear to me that Americans will not make the same mistake twice.  Flashy rhetoric, political games, and deceptive messaging can fool the people from time to time, but there is only so much spin that can be done to get people to ignore the devastating effects of bad policies.  Simply put, unemployed and underemployed voters do not care about excuses about how big the problem was a President inherited.  They want a renewed confidence in leadership from someone who encourages success for everyone that is willing to work hard instead of handing it out to certain groups of people.

It was not long ago when most of the media and many political pundits were convinced that Obama was in for a near certain victory in November.  That claim has changed over the past few months though.  Now, if you believe the political talkers, this election is going to come down to the wire.  After all, it is not easy to defeat an incumbent.  While that is true, in this case I am convinced that Obama’s politics have harmed far too many Americans for him to slide into a second term:

Real unemployment is 14.7%

U.S. manufacturing is falling

Obama’s War on Coal is killing jobs

Obama’s War on Oil is killing jobs

ObamaCare’s to drag down the economy

Obama’s foreign policy unravels

The stench of an Obama Administration Libya cover-up

American income falls and poverty rises

More Americans on food stamps under Obama

…and the list of blunders goes on and on.

As I said before, there is not much that a politician can do to get people to forget that they are unemployed or making less money than they were before he took office.  When businesses start getting shut down and wages drop due to government policies the people affected start to look at those responsible.  Although it is not normally an easy task to defeat an incumbent president, with a record of failure as long as the one Obama has  defeat seems inevitable.

Americans elected Obama to lead America back to prosperity – and he failed.  On Tuesday, November 6th Americans will again go to the polls to vote for change.  They will vote to change leadership in Washington and it will not be as close as some people predict.