Debate 2: Does Obama Win Just For Showing Up?

Debate 2: Does Obama Win Just For Showing Up? Image

What a night last night as President Obama and Governor Romney went head to head.  It was by far one of the “spiciest” moments we’ve seen yet during this election cycle.  I’m seeing all across the internet and the media that Obama supporters are claiming a win– mostly because their guy actually showed up to this one.  However, to me, that’s like my kid coming home with an A+ in PE– he didn’t have to excel- just show up in his uniform and trot half-heartedly around the track a couple of times.

The rest of us give Romney props-not for just showing up- but for a well rounded and defined debate on the issues.  Not only that, he had the rare opportunity to debate both the candidate AND the moderator.  In fact, there were moments when I was wondering if there were actually 3 candidates on the floor.  Candy Crowley took home the gold for the absolute worst moderator that I’ve had the opportunity to observe.

As Conservatives, we know that we are going into these debates with one hand tied behind our backs as it’s going to always be skewed to the left.  However, it’s been so blatantly rigged lately.

Amid persistent complaints and interruptions from both candidates, President Obama ultimately got more than three extra minutes of speaking time than Mitt Romney during Tuesday’s debate.

According to CNN’s timekeeping, Obama got 44:04 minutes of speaking time, while Romney got 40:50.

The “undecided” voters also were allowed to ask far more “anti-Romney” questions.

There were 11 total questions. Six of them were clearly and obviously anti-Romney. Three were anti-Obama. Two were relatively neutral (and one of those leaned toward Obama). The questions that were anti-Obama were also the two most obvious questions of the evening: why are gas prices high? And what have you done to earn re-election? The questions against Romney were the height of absurdity, ranging from gender gap nonsense to gun control to outsourcing.

It gets even worse:

Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times. 28 times. Her desperation to keep Romney from scoring points was so patently obvious that it wasn’t really a surprise when she had her infamous moment: the moment when she interrupted and falsely claimed Romney was incorrect in accusing Obama of refusing to call the Benghazi attack an act of terror.

Despite those uneven odds, even a CBS poll shows this:

…in the most important area — the economy — Romney massacred the president by over 30 points, 65-34%.

Even better is the surprising CNN poll:

Unlike the CBS poll, CNN polled registered voters, not just undecideds.

Economy: Romney wins 58-40%

Health care: Romney wins 49-46%.

Taxes: Romney wins 51-44%.

Deficit: Romney wins 49-36%.

Strong leader: Romney wins 49-46%.

The worst news is that 25% of voters switched their vote to Romney and 25% wen to Obama.

In other words, Obama didn’t move the ball, which is what he needed to do.

For those of you who missed the debate completely and would like to watch it in it’s entirety you can do so here.


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