Devastating Reminder For Americans On Obama’s Handling Of Libya

Devastating Reminder For Americans On Obama’s Handling Of Libya Image

The last presidential debate is taking place tonight, Monday, October 22.  And, unfortunately, for Obama, it’s over foreign policy- one of the points that Obama is the weakest.  We can count on him to continually remind us that he killed Bin Laden – in fact, I won’t be shocked to see his corpse up on display sitting with Obama during the debate.

But, Libya is where Romney needs to strike and strike hard.  This little expose done by Bret Baier is devastating to the Obama administration.  It shows just how incapable of leadership they really are and how far they will go to cast blame unduly in an effort to avoid the word “terrorism” and how far down the list of his priorities national security really is for him during election season.

This needs to be shown and watched over and over and over to serve Americans as a strong reminder and warning.  Is this the Commander In Chief you really want?

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