Carney Dodges Question Regarding Bleak Fiscal Times And Obama’s Lavish Vacations At Taxpayers Expense

Carney Dodges Question Regarding Bleak Fiscal Times And Obama’s Lavish Vacations At Taxpayers Expense Image

First, let’s give a round of applause for a journalist who actually did his job!   One brave reporter stuck out his neck today at the White House and asked Jay Carney a burning question that many Americans are asking:

All right.  I wanted to follow up on this young woman’s question about the high unemployment out in places like Colorado, all around the country, especially in the minority communities — exceptionally high unemployment.  And when there is government workers who may be furloughed, millions of Americans unemployed, and family budgets that have been cut, how does the President justify lavish vacations and a golf trip to Florida at taxpayer expense?  And does he plan to cut back on his travel?

Clearly, an uncomfortable moment as we know that this administration loves “to eat cake.”  And you can tell that Carney was probably a champion in his elementary classes when it came to the game of Dodgeball as his answer was:

I can tell you that this President is focused every day on policies that create economic growth and help advance job creation.  We have presided over the past three years over an economy that’s produced over 6.3 million private sector jobs, and we have more work to do.  And this President’s number-one priority is growth and job creation.

The question is…should a President feel the pinch of the failed economic policies that he has personally had an enormous hand in creating?  Or should he go on with business as usual– with the lavish vacations and golf trips that he feels are owed to him?

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