The Gosnell Trials: A Modern American Holocaust Story

I’ve struggled with this piece unlike with any other I’ve ever written.  The details of this case and the other investigative, undercover videos that have emerged recently are so horrifyingly wicked and evil that it’s hard for me to even drudge up the wherewithal to watch a second of it.  I’ve always said that abortion- for or against- boils down to one thing: basic human decency.

Maybe because my youngest is only a year old and I remember those graphic 4d ultrasounds that took place a mere few months ago.  My sweet little baby playing with her cord, sucking her fingers, blinking her eyes- being formed in her own unique way was so visible at such an early stage.  Yet, I’ve seen people recoil in disgust and willing to throw their last penny to pay for a hurting animal- and immediately turn cold-hearted at the thought of an “unwanted baby” of their own flesh and blood.

There aren’t many political topics that I can’t debate in fun.  But human life- innocent at it’s very core– without any chance or opportunity to defend itself is one that I can’t walk away with and shake hands.  That’s where I draw the line.   I recoil on the inside, and I’m sure it’s visibly noticeable.

As a mother who has seen life visible at just a few mere weeks while laying on the doctors table, staring at a pulsing heart on the screen beside me, my heart bleeds and cries at the thought of the lie that is being sold to women and young girls everywhere by a sector of our society who has allowed Convenience to be their god.

The Gosnell trials has brought this horrific practice, with it’s graphic details, into the spotlight.  The reality and horror is on the stand.  But it’s been ignored by a media who wants to brush it under the rug so it doesn’t have the chance to prick at the conscience of the public.

The reality of abortion isn’t nearly so clean as the multi-million dollar industry who profits from it wants you to believe.  The reality is some babies are born alive…left to die, gasping for breath on a table or drowning in a toilet.  Women, the mothers, who are debased and, in some cases, left to die.  The left wants us to believe that Planned Parenthood is there to prevent those back alley abortions- instead, all too often, they leave the same exact results-  dark and lonely corners, blood dripping utensils (instead of hangers) , and babies born alive and thrown into a bucket to die a painfully wicked death…and doctors who collect the little hands and feet in jars as mementos,  But…..shhhhhhh…. That’s a secret that must be left off the airwaves -it certainly is an inconvenient truth that mustn’t be revealed.

The horrors of what has happened with the Gosnell trials is nothing short of the equivalent of any headline news.  But, it’s been whitewashed, ignored, swept under the rug.  Otherwise, it reveals Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates to be the graphic, murderous and inhumane organization that it has always been.  In fact, even finding someone who has heard the name “Gosnell” is so challenging it makes my blood turn to a boil.  Why hasn’t everyone heard this man’s name?  Why isn’t it being given the time in major media that it deserves?  Details such as:

Well formed babies that Dr. Gosnell is alleged to have removed from women by inducing delivery or “precipitating,” as he called it. Then, because they were alive and breathing, he or members of his staff would plunge scissors into the back of the neck and sever the spinal cord. He is charged with doing this seven times, but it is thought he may have done it to hundreds of infants.

Others testified:

One clinic worker, Kareema Cross, testified one of the babies was born into a toilet.

“I saw the baby in the toilet. It moved. It breathed. It had a head as big as a pancake,” Cross testified…

Cross also testified about one particularly large baby.

“She delivered and the baby came out big, about 12-16 inches. He came out, and Dr. Gosnell put him in a box, a plastic box. But the baby was so big his arms and legs hung out of the box,” Cross said. “Dr. Gosnell took the box from the room. After this, the baby pulled his arms together.

“Dr. Gosnell took pictures, then he snapped the baby’s neck,” Cross said. “Dr. Gosnell said that this baby was so big he could have walked me to the bus stop.”

In testimony on Monday, Adrienne Moton, who used to work for Gosnell at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia, said she recalled one baby – “Baby Boy A” – who was aborted  in July 2008. Baby A was so large, Moton took a photo of the child with her cell phone before Gosnell took the baby out of the room.

“I just saw a big baby boy. He had that color, that color that a baby has,” Moton said in court. “I just felt he could have had a chance. … He could have been born any day.”

In writing this, I came across so many pictures of those fully formed babies that were viciously murdered by Gosnell (not for the faint of heart, but just as important as viewing the horrific holocaust pictures- we need to know what is happening to fully understand the atrocities).  Pictures clearly showing the holes in the back of their necks and their perfect little bodies thrown in shoe boxes.  My stomach recoils, my eyes are full of tears, my hands shake… and I can only wonder how long we can go before a Merciful God runs out of mercy and begins to dole out justice.

In closing, because I could turn this into a 12 part series, easily filled with detail after detail of what is being discovered through the Gosnell trials and the blatant infanticide that Planned Parenthood encourages and participates fully in I leave you with this:

“David Brewer, a former abortionist, tells his story: ‘I can remember that day watching the first abortion . I saw a little tiny head, and I saw a piece of a leg, and I saw a tiny hand, and I saw an arm. You know, it was like somebody put a hot poker into me . I had a conscience and that hurt. That was a very hard experience for me to go through, emotionally. So I did what a lot of us do throughout our life, we don’t do anything. I didn’t talk with anybody about it. and do you know what happened? I got to see another abortion. You know what? That one hurt, too. But I kept seeing abortions, and it hurt a little bit less every time I saw one. Do you know what happened next? I got to sit down and do one . The first one that I did was kind of hard. It was like hurting again like a hot poker. But after a while, it got to where it didn’t hurt’ (Testimony at ‘Meet the Abortion Providers’ conference in Chicago).

“So yes, I am not at all surprised that Dr. Gosnell is cool, calm and collected, smiling even as he listens to those accusing him of murder. Abortion destroys the abortionists themselves.”

I highly recommend checking out this website for more information about this inhuman evil in our country.  There are several undercover websites that are absolutely worth watching.  They will give you a small glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors in the abortion industry.

God help us.

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About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt