Abortion Provider: ‘It’s Like Putting Meat In A Crock Pot’

Abortion Provider: ‘It’s Like Putting Meat In A Crock Pot’ Image

With the jury still in deliberation on the Gosnell abortion/infanticide case, more undercover investigative videos keep surfacing showing how no-so-rare this kind of evil is in America.

Meet LeRoy Carhart.  As one of only four remaining partial-birth abortion providers in America, he is celebrated by pro-abortion groups.  His image has taken a hit since a woman at his clinic died during a botched abortion, although that isn’t the first time that has happened.  This new undercover video from Live Action might shed some light on the cause of death for those women, but it definitely proves the inhumane, barbaric practice that is going on in abolition mills under the cloak of “women’s health.”

Here are some clip’s from Live Action’s report (emphasis mine):

Carhart has long been known to fight hard for his grisly abortion procedures… Twice he has gone to the Supreme Court to demand the legalization of his favorite method of partial-birth abortion, wherein a baby is mostly delivered and then his skull crushed and brain vacuumed out. So Carhart’s callous disregard for our investigators’ babies comes as no surprise. He casually described the abortion as a “shot into the fetus” to ensure that “[i]t’ll be dead for two days before you deliver it.” He told her the injection also causes the baby to “[get] soft, like mushy [makes squishing sound], so you push it through… So it’s like putting meat in a crock pot.” If this method is unsuccessful, he would have to remove the baby “in pieces,” using, he joked, “a pickaxe, a drill bit.”

Oh, but there is more:

Both investigators asked if Carhart’s abortions “hurt” the babies. He replied by arbitrarily inventing his own parameters for when a fetus feels pain. “So, after about two to three weeks after birth… I think then they have pretty good knowledge of pain, but before that I’m not so sure that they do.” In fact, there is wide consensus in the scientific community that babies feel acute pain by 20 weeks of gestation.

Chillingly, Carhart obviously knows he is killing babies. He consistently described aborting “the baby.” When our investigator said she could feel her baby kicking, he replied nonchalantly, “Yeah, it’s moving now; after 20 weeks, it should be.” In his mind, though, aborting this living, moving baby was still better than the inconvenience of “wondering where your child is and what’s happening to it.” Not to worry, Carhart assured our investigator: “probably within an hour of the injection you shouldn’t feel it moving anymore.”

Gosnell is one case, but there is more than enough evidence available to show that his type of evil is not a rare occurrence in abortion mills.  Please visit Live Action’s website which contains numerous undercover investigative videos showing the evil behind the doors of abortion provides.  Share this (and this), because the mainstream media will not!

I close with this, from Live Action:

“Two babies, the same age. One in the NICU, surrounded by life-saving doctors, the other left alone and exposed in a hospital closet. This can and does happen in America.”