Michelle Obama Gets Heckled And Shows Her Thin Skin By Threatening To Leave

Michelle Obama Gets Heckled And Shows Her Thin Skin By Threatening To Leave Image

Michelle Obama does not like to be interrupted, and if you know your place you will most definitely keep quiet.  Except one person didn’t and we got to see exactly how thin-skinned Michelle really is.  This heckler got to see a combination of Chicago style tactics and a “I’m taking my marbles and going home” temper tantrum by our oh-so-classy First Lady.

Obama’s remarks were disrupted by Ellen Sturtz, according to CNN. HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel reports the heckler began yelling for an executive order on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

Obama responded to the heckler by moving away from her podium and into the crowd.

“I don’t care what you believe, wait, wait, wait. One of the things, one of things I don’t do well is this,” Obama said. “Listen to me or you can take the mic. But I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

If this is how she treats her “friends”…well, I’ll leave the rest unsaid as we already know how they treat their enemies.

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  • Brett

    Leave? Why would you invite her?

  • Johanna

    There is nothing wrong with the Obama's. Some just can not deal with their color. The Man won GET OVER IT. The Woman is very smart DEAL WITH IT.

    Johanna (Windows Software Download)

    • patriotornot

      What is their color? I thought we were all born Americans. But, let's keep running the race card, that what losers do. To be smart does not make you an automatic public speaker that can handle disruption.