Obama: Lead By Dividing

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Pretty much every presidential candidate since George Washington has, at one time or another, promised to “unite the country” toward a common purpose or good.  Of course, they have enjoyed varying degrees of success, with Ronald Reagan likely coming closest to fulfilling that role.

This president? If you judge him and those with whom he surrounds himself by their words and actions, there is not even the slightest hint of wanting to bring people together.  Quite the contrary.  His is strictly a “divide and conquer” approach.  And it’s working.

Race relations in America are deteriorating at a breakneck pace, with what seems like a weekly crisis to which Mr. Obama either responds inappropriately or is deafeningly silent.  He commented that, if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.  The comment shamefully interjected the president into an ongoing criminal investigation and was nothing short of a classic and overt attempt at race-baiting.  As a result, he got the mob scene that he wanted.  The real message?  “I’m the ultimate arbiter and I will use my position to influence and/or establish MY law.”

More recently, we have the murder of Chris Lane, a 22 year old white male, was gunned down in Oklahoma by a 17 year old black teen who, it has since been learned, has been posting racist comments on Twitter about whites.  The President was silent.  Still is.  Of course, he’s got a lot going on…on vacation, what with the golf and swimming and all.

Jesse Jackson was quick to speak up, however. He said that this kind of activity was “frowned upon“, much like breaking wind in a crowded elevator or putting your elbows on the dinner table.  Then again, everyone with half a brain cell knows that Jackson is a racist.

The White House spokesman also finally made a comment.  He first claimed they were “not familiar” with with the Chris Lane case (they WERE familiar, however, with yours and my private emails discussing who should pick up the dry cleaning, thanks to their friends at the NSA, by the way).  After a good deal of derision from the right, they finally admitted to being aware of it, noting that it was “pretty tragic” but that Obama did not need to address it.  You see, if Mr. Obama had a son, he would NOT look like Chris Lane. Does that mean Lane did not have two eyes, two ears, a face and a soul, or does it mean something else?  Right.

And, there are so many other instances – remember the Black Panthers being allowed to blatantly practice voter intimidation during the last two presidential elections?  How about the ongoing back-channel whispers of racism any time one disagrees with this president.  But I digress.

 No, this is a “leader” who has chosen to lead by dividing the house upon itself.  It’s the lowest of lowest common denominator politics, which is to say it’s “Chicago-style” (a term that the left now also declares is racist).  Never before has a president of the United States been more suited to bring the races together as is this one.  He is of mixed race – half white and half black.  But that’s as far as it goes.

He chose a path of division and destruction long ago – not because he wanted to make this a better country, but because he really only cares about two things – himself and the power that tearing everything around him down will provide him.  That he has an ego the size of the Titanic is quite fitting and ironic – as he is also the iceberg that could sink this once great nation.

* Mr. Tremain is a native Texan and lifelong conservative.  During his career, he has been a part of both the print and electronic media, worked for a non-profit organization and has served in the financial services industry.  He has a unique understanding of how the media works and thinks, as well as how our nation’s policies impact both charitable organizations and entrepreneurship.  He comments on these facets of American life in his blog:  The Tremain Report.

  • JennC

    Sadly, this commentary is truth. I have never liked Obama on any level. But, I had hoped, at the very least, that racial issues in our country would improve during his term. Instead, in addition to the examples mentioned above, I have seen Black conservatives not only vote for him, but support/defend his actions–solely because of his race. Are they still as vocal now after seeing the whole package? Not hardly. But, it's a little late now. One can only hope and pray that this snowball of destruction doesn't gain so much momentum that its damage is irreparable.