Hey Detroit! Give Capitalism A Chance

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Not too long ago, the bankruptcy of Detroit was the talk of the nation.  Detroit is, or was, the industrial powerhouse of America, and also the envy of the world.  Soon after the news broke, shots were once again quickly fired from the right, and left, trying to shift and deflect blame on the other for Detroit’s failure.

But there was a sharp contrast from the type of arguments conservatives were making from those of the left.  Conservatives will point out that they haven’t really had a hand in Detroit, or in most U.S. cities, for quite some time.  The facts show that Democrats have had a continuing dynasty in Detroit since the 60’s.

Further research shows that  the Democratic mayors of Detroit have had no trouble at all implementing their liberal policies, which include out-of-control health care benefits, pensions, and other entitlements that siphoned the city’s prosperity for decades.

To illustrate the desperate lengths the left has gone to deflect blame upon conservatives, is an article that blams white hatred for jazz music. T hat’s right, good old racism killed Detroit.

That charge is part of the broader idea that conservatives, meaning the white man, actually wanted to see the fall of Detroit and sabotaged it for their gain.

We need not even discuss why this accusation is outright ridiculous.  What, exactly, does anyone gain from the fall of one of the greatest metropolises in the nation?  When Detroit falls, we all take a hit.  Also, how in the world did capitalism destroy Detroit, when Democrats have had an iron grip on the city for half a century?

Despite what the left says, our nation is becoming more and more colorblind.  Their amplified charges of racism are unfounded.  The youth today (including myself) and for the past few decades, have grown up idolizing African American athletes and musicians.  So how on Earth could the condition in Detroit worsen-as tolerance increases?

Detroit’s population is 83% African American.

Surely, if racism caused the fall of Detroit, it could not have been at the hand of the racism of 10% of the population?  And that’s assuming EVERY SINGLE white person in Detroit is racist, which is just ludicrous.  The numbers just don’t add up. 

Here is an easy way for everybody and anybody to see how capitalism and the free market creates and grows, not destroys and sabotages.  Try this test with most cities.  Pull up a map of Detroit. Examine the geography.  What do you notice?  The bodies of water.  Why is Detroit where it is?

How about a map of New York City?  What geographical characteristics do you see?  I see it as one of the greatest natural harbors anywhere on the globe.

What does this mean?  The point I’m trying to make is that these cities were the creation of free markets, they were deliberately located where they are to be advantageous for the movement of goods, people, and services, to and from, for the sole purpose of business, or dare I say, capitalism.

That’s right.  Capitalism builds cities.  The free market is the reason why we even have a Detroit in the first place.  Detroit at it’s creation was a center for the fur trade.  During that time, there was no “government”.  There were no “mayors”.  There certainly were no liberal policies sucking away at the fruits of the fur trade.  All of those things came AFTER capitalism and free markets had created Detroit.

The simultaneous out-of-control implementation of liberal policies and the decline of Detroit and other cities around the nation is not a coincidence.  They are not a product of racism, and they are not done purposefully.  It is the result of too much government involvement, and the business-bullying policies implemented by the Democratic party.

It simply makes too much sense.

No city was created with the intent to spread welfare.  This is NOT an indictment of the poor, it’s just the facts.  Nobody can deny that there were absolutely zero welfare policies at the creation of Detroit.  Just a bunch of businessmen, trappers, sellers, merchants, transporters: FREE PEOPLE, who were engaging in FREE ENTERPRISE.

But once the light bulb of prosperity started to shine too brightly, like moths the parasitical politicians arrived with their ideas and deceptions setting in motion the path to failure and destruction that would one day bring Detroit down to her knees.  This once great city will never rise as long as the inhabitants of Detroit refuse to acknowledge that not only did capitalism create Detroit, but capitalism is the only thing that can save it.

* Rob Sydney is a proud American citizen, whose resolve is strengthened by his dual-citizen status and foreign birth.  Born in Japan he is now a current resident of the Sunshine State (FL) and pursuing a career in law.  Guided by the Founding Fathers, and strengthened by the belief in universal human principles and values, his purpose is to put conservatism back in the realm of America’s youth.  It’s cool to be young, and conservative!  Follow him on Twitter @RobbySydney.

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