Radio Politics: Lindsey Graham, His Challengers, His Fall In The Polls!

Radio Politics: Lindsey Graham, His Challengers, His Fall In The Polls! Image

As most of you know, I’m a Texas girl that plans on staying glued to the South Carolina race happening between Lindsey Graham and the quality contenders that are challenging him for his seat.  If you’ve read my piece on Lindsey Graham,  “The Real RINO Lindsey Graham: Time For a Pink Slip,” you know exactly how I feel about this wimpy, undependable RINO Republican that is taking up a good seat in the Senate.

And recently, I got to talk politics and specifically the Lindsey Graham race with Steve Long on Otter Limits Radio.  If you have a few minutes, check it out below!  My segment starts 25 minutes in– so you can just skip straight to it.

A new poll came out last week that shows that Lindsey Graham’s support is beginning to erode in South Carolina.  As most people know, getting rid of an entrenched incumbent is no easy task.  As such, to see him fall to 42% in the polls is a hopeful sign that South Carolina is beginning to open their sleepy eyes to his terrible record.  Lee Bright, the man I see as the strongest contender thus far, the only one with a strong and solid record in the state senate to prove his strength and commitment to conservative principles and ideals, has only been in this race for a little over three weeksbut he’s already currently in second place at 13%Nancy Mace, another quality contender is at 10%.

This is great news because South Carolina has election rules that require a winner to obtain at least 50% of the vote or it goes to a runoff.  So, if the elections were held today- the seat would not be, once again, just handed over to the sellout Lindsey Graham- he would be going toe to toe with Lee Bright.

Talking heads in South Carolina seem to think that this is going to be another cake walk for Graham.  But, I think they underestimate just how little South Carolina is aware of his awful record, how often he’s been for us and how often he has been against us, and once he is exposed for the sorry excuse for a Republican that he is, it will be a formidable battle.

People may be wondering why a Texas girl would care so much about a South Carolina race?  To that I would answer, it may not be my Senator but every vote that he casts in the United States Senate has a large overreaching and powerful potential of effecting me and my daily life.  His votes on cap and trade, energy taxes, internet sales tax, amnesty and no border control, restrictions on the Second Amendment, etc… all have reaching consequences to every single one of us outside of South Carolina– which is why YOU better be paying attention to this race too.

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