BREAKING! Battleground Texas Caught Cheating Gathering Illegal Voter Data

BREAKING! Battleground Texas Caught Cheating Gathering Illegal Voter Data Image

If you’ve worked or been involved in any elections from the different aspects that I have, nothing will shock you.  However, I still never cease to be amazed at the low down dirty tactics that Democrats play at each and every election.  Thanks to Project Veritas we have a new breaking video that shows Texas Battleground, a Texas Democrat organization led by Jeremy Bird and also known as Wendy Davis’ “secret weapon,” illegally gathering voter data off of voter registration cards.

I have been an official registrar and, as one, you understand the rules clearly written on each and every voter application.  No data may be copied or held.  If you would like voter information, you may contact the office of the Secretary of State and they will provide you with a name and address.

Nevertheless, Democrat activists in Texas are desperate to turn Texas blue.  And they will stop at nothing- a project led by Jennifer Longoria, a field organizer for Battleground Texas.  Their strategy is that once you register someone to vote, that person’s chance of making it to the polls is at 15%.  If you can keep their cell phone number and private data (completely illegal) than you can contact them when it’s time to vote for your Democrat and that raises your chances of getting them to the polls to 60%.

As James O’Keefe says….”You are looking at the new ACORN.”

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  • @Patri0tic_Girl

    You can't believe James Okeefe because he's been caught falsely editing videos like this and his Acorn video and is an admitted criminal

    • EdBoch

      Yeah, I'll just wait for a major, real news outlet like NBC to do this reporting before I believe it. Oh wait, they have been caught planting explosives on a truck for their reporting and editing 911 tapes to show a different outcome than what happened.