Schools Gone Wild: Father Arrested For Protesting Pornographic Assigned Reading Material

Schools Gone Wild: Father Arrested For Protesting Pornographic Assigned Reading Material Image

I’ve always said that nothing will cease to amaze me.  I feel like I’ve heard it all and I’ve seen it all.  And yet, a video like this will come across my computer screen and without fail my blood pressure spikes and I feel enraged and infuriated by the out of control government we have at various levels- this one landing on local government at the public school level in New Hampshire- ironically the “Live Free or Die” State.  Our public school systems have created such an atmosphere of superiority and a “we know what’s best for your children” attitude.  We are seeing this happen with what they are allowed to eat at lunch, how many of our children are being told that they cannot pray, they cannot read their Bibles, and how we must never question the school’s authority over their lives.

No greater example of this out of control behavior on the part of the public school system than what happened to a New Hampshire father, William Baer, who happened to stumble across an assigned reading passage from the book, “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult, for his 9th grade daughter.

Baer tells EAGnews he became aware of the book’s objectionable material purely by chance. A family friend was visiting last Wednesday and talking to Baer’s 14-year-old daughter about how things were going in school. When she mentioned that she’d just been assigned the novel, the friend picked up the book and casually opened it to page 313 which contains a very graphic description of a sexual encounter between two adolescents. The friend was aghast as he read the passage, and asked Baer if he was aware of the book’s content.

“I was shocked when I read the passage, and not much shocks me anymore,” Baer says. “My wife was stunned by the increasingly graphic nature of the sexual content of the scene and the imagery it evoked.”

Here’s an excerpt from the explicit passage:

“‘Relax,’ Matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.

” … She couldn’t remember ever feeling so heavy, as if her heart were beating between her legs. She clawed at Matt’s back to bring him closer.

“‘Yeah,’ he groaned, and her pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs. … (H)e clamped his hand over her mouth and drove harder and harder until Josie felt him come.

“Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”

I cannot imagine any decent and responsible parent of a 9th grader who, knowing this not-so-quite-borderline pornographic material was being forced on their child, would be okay with it.  And, since the school admitted that they usually send out a notice to parents concerning this book, clearly they understand on a basic level that this material was inappropriate, to put it mildly.  However, when William Baer spoke up at the local school board meeting to protest, he was unbelievably  arrested for “violating the two minute rule.”  (See raw video below)

I find this so appalling on so many different levels.  But I do find it highly worth mentioning that I find it equally disturbing that the other parents in the room watching this occur simply stayed seated as good little, mind-numbed, Sheeple without offering up any form of protest at this awful display of narcissistic behavior on the part of the school board.  Shame on each and every one of you who watched it happen and stayed silent!  Shame. On. You.

Parents have to be more proactive than ever before.  As a mother of three, I admit it is exhausting to read through everything assigned.  But, if you are putting your trust in schools and teachers, many who do not share your values, or you dismiss this because “surely our kids hear worse in the hallways at school”…well, you are indeed a large part of the problem.  We can’t always help the second-hand smoke that our kids might walk past in the parking lots…but we can and SHOULD be protecting them from exposure in the areas of their lives that should be protected.  Poison is poison.  Some rots the lungs and some rots the heart and brain.  Both are equally dangerous.

Also worth mentioning…this isn’t an isolated reading assignment- but apart of the larger Common Core curriculum in different areas of our country.  If your child doesn’t understand how carpet burns can happen during rough sex, they will soon, thanks to some of your local school districts.

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About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

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    This is so shocking it makes me sick to my stomach and my head is spinning! I am equally outraged at the people that just sat there and watched this father be marched out the door and arrested. What's wrong with these people!?

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    Orwell’s 1984 come to life. Arrested for refusing to submit to an arbitrary 2 minute rule. And the others just sit there quietly, afraid of getting arrested too. Homeschool your children.

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    This angers me beyond anything! And what about the recent abortion video done by a pregnant woman? This nation is SICK!!!!