Why Is Texas Media Largely Silent On Democrat Rep Ron Reynolds’ 10 Felony Indictments?

Why Is Texas Media Largely Silent On Democrat Rep Ron Reynolds’ 10 Felony Indictments? Image

UPDATE:  You can click here to see the Press Release based upon this column.

It’s not often that I choose to highlight a local story as my attention is usually more focused on a national and broader state level.  However, the more I’ve peeled back the layers on a particular Texas Democrat State Representative the more outrage and disgust pours from my every cell.  Sometimes a story like this is just so appalling it has to be covered.  And since he’s a part of a group that makes decisions that impact you, if you live in Texas, you need to pay attention too!

While you may feel that this man is a lonely State Representative in a small Texas town called Missouri City, he is one part of an entire body who legislates issues that affect you and I as fellow Texans.  For this reason alone, it deserves attention.  It actually deserves a lot of attention- but shockingly (or not) it isn’t getting nearly enough attention from the Texas media.

Ron Reynolds has represented Texas District 27, a predominately Democratic district, since 2011.  He seems to be the State Rep/male version of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.  You look at both of these people and wonder how they retain their positions…it certainly isn’t because of integrity or genius legislation. It doesn’t seem to matter what Ron Reynolds does, how many felony cases he’s indicted on, how shady he behaves, he got voted into office despite an already nefarious history in 2010 and seems to now be deeply rooted making his State Rep position a downright parody and an embarrassment to our great State.

Reynolds isn’t new to controversy.  In fact, although he’s a relatively young man he’s got quite an ugly and sordid reputation beginning in 2005:

Reynolds, an attorney with Brown, Brown & Reynolds, P.C., was licensed by the State Bar of Texas in May of 2000. He was sanctioned twice by the bar, and his suspensions were served consecutively. From April 1, 2005 to June 20, 2006, Reynolds was unable to practice law. From June 20, 2006, to June 30, 2009, he was on probation.

Despite his shady and dubious legal career, Ron Reynolds easily won the Democratic primary and general election in 2010.  But the legal troubles immediately continued:

A KXAN News investigation shows that as of June 1, 2011, Reynolds owed the Texas Ethics Commission nearly $10,260 in fines relating to failure to file the required financial disclosure reports required of candidates for public office and officeholders.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office took Reynolds to court to collect the fines, and the lawmakers now owes the AG $2,500, plus interest, in court costs, the investigations shows. The Texas Comptroller’s Office is now garnishing his legislative salary to collect the debt.  He also failed to submit his Personal Financial Statement for 2008, 2010 and 2011. Failure to file a Personal Financial Statement is a Class B Misdemeanor.

As if any of this wasn’t enough to reveal a deep lack of personal ethics, Rep. Ron Reynolds was arrested in 2012 for his activities as a professional “ambulance chaser.”  The legal term is “barratry” and it is a third-degree felony in Texas punishable by up to 10 years in jail.  Those charges were dropped in February 2013 – not because he proved his innocence- but because the two Harris County Investigators involved stole evidence in another case.  The stolen evidence was comic books.

Given the elaborate, well thought-out, and very profitable illegal schemes that Reynolds engaged in it’s no wonder why he had such a hard time walking away from this life of crime.  Because, just a few months later in March 2013 he was arrested yet again!  For the same thing!  Nobody said he was a quick learner.

Reynolds had quite an elaborate and profitable gig going- in fact, you can read the details of it here.  You see, Reynolds was not only smart enough to profit from the lawyer fees he generated as  an ambulance chaser, he also had part ownership in the Greenspoint Health and Injury Clinic, the clinic where these “victims” were sent to be “evaluated” after an accident, giving him a double profit whammy.  This practice puts the sleaze in lawyer.

Also worth noting, Reynolds has seven recently settled or pending civil lawsuits in Harris County.

Nevertheless, Reynolds “maintains his innocence.”  Of course he does.  There’s never a guilty man in prison, is there?  He now has 10 felony counts against him and a felony trial coming up in August, right smack dab in the middle of his current campaign to keep his seat as a Texas State Representative.  Given all of this, it’s apropos that he was named as one of Texas’ Worst Representatives by Texas Monthly who wrote:

With all those pesky distractions, it’s no wonder that his legislative agenda was as thin as his principles. And while Reynolds maintains his innocence in his most recent case, there’s no doubt about the punishment for bringing dishonor to the Legislature: a spot on the Worst list. And we’re afraid there is no appeal for that.

Men and women involved in legislating our laws should not continue in that capacity if they are being prosecuted for breaking those very laws.  Democrats, does it not matter to you that you have a many times over indicted man as your representative?  Is this the very best Democrat that you can offer up for your district? 

It goes without saying that if a Republican dug themselves into such deep hotbed of illegal activity it would be heralded on every news channel and in the papers as “Breaking News!” and each day up until the election would be a “Developing Story.”  But, where is our local media when it comes to sharing this huge story in Texas politics?  The local news quietly covered both arrests and since have shamefully seemed to put it to bed.  This is an active campaign, an active indictment, and an active State Representative- but where is the story?

To continually ignore a story of this magnitude during an ongoing election is a travesty and symptomatic of a sleeping and biased media- which is why constituents are tuning media outlets out and tuning in to the new media, the bloggers, talk radio, and other outlets who are getting out the information.

If you are a Texan and feel that this story deserves more attention than it is currently getting, if you feel that Texas constituents deserve to know what their elected officials are up to, I encourage you to contact your local news departments and ask them to take a break from covering the local prom dates for a bit and get up to speed on one of the biggest stories of corruption in state politics…KPRC, ABC, KHOU, FOX.

Before closing, Texas District 27 has a great alternative to the corrupt and unethical Ron Reynolds.  David Hamilton is the Republican candidate running against Ron Reynolds.  Mr. Hamilton provided me with a short statement:

“I believe that my faith in God gives me the solid moral framework that will allow me to legislate in accordance with the “golden rule.”  I believe that we need to elect leaders with high ethical standards who we can trust to make decisions that impact all of our families.”

I fully agree and believe that Texans, both Democrats and Republicans alike, deserve a trustworthy and authentic leader to represent their best interest. They deserve a leader who isn’t dripping with corruption and scandal and is too busy in and out of the courts fighting indictments and lawsuits all over the county to pay attention to the needs of the people in District 27.

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