CA Mayor Tells Bullying Victims Of Our Sissy Nation To ‘Grow A Pair’- And I Agree!

CA Mayor Tells Bullying Victims Of Our Sissy Nation To ‘Grow A Pair’- And I Agree! Image

On a rare occasion, California will spit out something wonderful and worthwhile- just like this little jewel.  In fact, with the response that California is giving this Mayor, I want to personally extend an invitation for him to relocate to Texas.  We like common sense guys just like this.

California Mayor, Cameron Hamilton, is telling it like it is and is now under fire for saying, “I’m against bullying, but I’m getting damn tired of it being used as a mantra for everything and the ills of the world, when most people have to just grow a pair and stick up for themselves!” 

Hamilton said proposed safe zones for bullying victims offer an “illusion of safety at best,” because “sooner or later you’ve got to come out of that safe zone … and the world is going to be there again to look you straight in the face and say, ‘I’m going to bully you because you’re going to allow me to.’”

He rejected the notion that standing up to bullies leads to violence, saying “growing a pair” could mean verbally standing up to bullies or getting together with your peers and making it clear that such behavior will no longer be tolerated.

As you can imagine, those who live in liberal-land are in a tizzy over this.  Glenn Beck interviews Mayor Hamilton who is full of these little gems that have the leftist aghast, appalled, and in contortions over his thoughts on the matter.  You can watch the video clip at the end.

In this age of political correctness and “life must constantly be fair to all” no wonder we are raising a generation of little brats.  Children don’t have the least bit of coping skills to deal with the slightest of hurt feelings.  The term “bullying” used to apply only to the worst of kids who constantly berate and hurt other children– now, anyone who “jostles” someone in the lunch line is labeled a bully, instead of a normal kid learning new boundaries from other normal kids.

We have turned into a sissified nation.  Somebody provokes us in the least and we automatically scream, “I’m being bullied!”  We’ve lost the art of looking a punk in the eye and saying, “Back off!”  Now we fight bullies, both local and international, with hashtags and rhetoric.  The schools are full of anti-bullying campaigns and yet, the punks are still going to be punks.  Bully-free zones make about as much sense as gun-free zones.  Those who are going to be bullies, don’t pay attention to the signs.  So, we’ve got to better equip our youth to handle life’s curveballs without turning themselves into a victim at every opportunity.

Now, obviously, this doesn’t apply to everything.  Nothing is a broad stroke.  Sometimes there are real victims who need assistance dealing with real bullies, and clearly, if we are all using our common brain cells you know that of which I speak.  So, spare me the comments and mail on that.

However, this new little generation of pansies left without the ability to cope and work through the most basic of childhood problems grow up to be the adults suing everybody for the hot coffee that they purchased that they spilled on themselves, they are the adults suing their parents for growing up without the best birthday parties like others of their peers, and they are the adults who look for the government to provide and take care of their every need and situational problems.  Little victims generally grow up into big victims…who vote liberal.

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  • Robert

    my problem with bullies. they 'always have judges attornneys or police and bosses protecting and backing them up. the little guy has no power against that. how about some help "Government"