Silly Hillary: The Gaffes, The Book Bomb, And The Mocking That Ensued

Silly Hillary: The Gaffes, The Book Bomb, And The Mocking That Ensued Image

If Hillary supporters were expecting a grand and exciting campaign entrance, heralded by the release of her new book “Hard Choices,” they were faced with some sore surprises.  And, if Hillary was expecting a coronation to her upcoming presidency to take place without a hitch, both have been in for a great number of disappointments this week.  I’m pretty sure that Hillary believed the release of her new book would throw the public into a frenzy of excitement.  Instead, those that will likely be supporting her campaign, have been thrown into defense mode with David Plouffe this week being forced to make the giant leap into proclaiming that she is in a “learning period” as a candidate.  Of course, this caused an avalanche of guffaws as Hillary has never been out of campaign mode most of her life.

The release of her book, which Simon & Shuster had hung high hopes upon selling at least 140,000 for the first week and even giving Hillary a $14 million dollar advance, fell humiliatingly short at just 60,000 sales for the first week.  With a million copies already in print and shipped, sources are saying that there are now indications that they will be lucky to sell 150,000 in it’s lifetime.

As every author worth their salt does, Hillary sat down for a round of interviews.  It didn’t take long for her to stay some really stupid things in an enormous and fake effort to try and connect with the average Joe.

“We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt,” Clinton tells ABC’s Diane Sawyer. “We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”

Please note she mentions “mortgages and houses”…you know, as in plural- because she wants you to know that she understand YOUR personal financial struggles.  Most Americans that I hear from are struggling to put food on their table this evening, to pay their mortgage on their one and only home and to have enough left over to put gas in their car to get to the job that they still hope to have when they wake up.  As you can imagine, her financial lamentations didn’t resonate well with the American people.

photo 3This couple, who lived off of the backs of the taxpayers (quite well, might I add) for eight very long years, and still made $200,000 a year as president, including a staff allowance, taxpayer funded vacations and world travel, and gold studded health benefits, wants you to believe that they were just like you and me!  She’s basically admitting that she had no knowledge of how to run her personal finances and their personal budgets, with far more in excess than what most of you reading this piece live off of, but she wants you to put her in charge of one of the largest budgets in the world.

It is also worth noting that the crowd that Hillary drew in Manhattan for her book signing at Barnes and Nobles was in the 300’s. And while that might seem impressive at first glance, in reality, the Jonas Brothers (who??) drew a larger crowd than she did.

Furthermore, in recent news, the very wealthy, big government, tax and spend liberals are using trusts to protect their wealth from the taxes that they profess to love and support.  Because, like most liberals, the Clintons walk around with their hands in your pockets and locks on their own. photo 2

Bill and Hillary Clinton have long supported an estate tax to prevent the U.S. from being dominated by inherited wealth. That doesn’t mean they want to pay it.

To reduce the tax pinch, the Clintons are using financial planning strategies befitting the top 1 percent of U.S. households in wealth. These moves, common among multimillionaires, will help shield some of their estate from the tax that now tops out at 40 percent of assets upon death.

In another recent interview, Hillary Clinton reaches deep inside to pull out yet another ridiculous gaffe saying, “the American political system is probably the most difficult, even brutal, in the world.”  Human Events sums it up perfectly:

Oh, I don’t know, Mrs. Clinton.  I can think of some people in a variety of other countries who might argue their political systems are more brutal, if we could use a Ouija board to get in touch with them.  Her idiocy is even more eye-popping when you consider she’s in the middle of a silly identity-politics discussion about the difficulty of women running for the White House.  Shall we compare that “difficult” and “brutal” system to the countries where women aren’t even allowed to vote?  Or the countries where nobody gets to vote?

This would have been a bizarre statement even if it had been made by a space alien who arrived on Earth just a few days ago, in a time of relative tranquility.  For the former Secretary of Freaking State to make it, while Iraq burns in the background, is mind-blowing.

None of these comments do anything but resonate to everyone who is not a blind-supporter and low info voter that she is anything but a cold, arrogant, self-consumed woman.  Given the amount of stupidity just in the last couple of days, if Joe Biden runs against Hillary SNL will become a booming business.

By the way, her book “Hard Choices” can be found in the fiction aisle– right beside that of Wendy Davis.  And probably with a clearance sticker attached to the front.

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