Wake Up, Black America: It’s Black and White About Content of Character, Not Race!

Wake Up, Black America: It’s Black and White About Content of Character, Not Race! Image

With another two years left until President Obama’s tenure concludes, Americans are finally realizing how much an abysmal failure his leadership has been for the nation and the world. A blistering CNN poll finds, by a 9 percent margin, Americans are remorseful they hadn’t cast their votes for former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But what the poll doesn’t cite: how hard hit many in the Black American community are, notwithstanding the recent New York Times article citing median household incomes dropping off a third in a decade. And with the influx of illegal aliens to the country, sanctioned by the President and seemingly a large section of politicians in both houses, most especially and notably Democrats, one does wonder how much does the first elected Black President, care about the communities he’d campaigned on.

Having recently loosened his original stance on the school voucher program in Washington D.C. is a step in the right direction, but is it enough? I say no; he’s beholden to the narrative of bigger government is always better and the teachers’ unions (exempting his daughters from the plight of inner-city school life with their enrollment at the Sidwell School—which a percentage of underprivileged Black children attended and have had their voichers rescinded during the Obama administration’s first term). With unemployment consistently higher for Blacks as it is for Whites for the past six decades, indicated in a Pew Research poll, isn’t it time for this community to take a hard look at their elected officials’ pie-in-the-sky promises? Isn’t it time, as Dr. Alveida King would say, niece to the renowned and late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for them to take a stand on the disproportionate lives taken via abortions and lies told to these women why they should have them, rather than keep their babies or  have them adopted if they’re unable to care for them?

Is this lack of discussion based on the media’s refusal to report on the ongoing, outright blight of cities under decades of Democrat control—Camden, Baltimore City, Detroit, Oakland, to name a few—and / or the Republicans’ “Keystone Cops” execution of handing social media, simplifying their message to the community, and noticeable absence in said neighborhoods? How the alarming rates of abortions of babies in the Black community not discussed, because it would mean exposing Planned Parenthood for the genocidal machine it really is, founded on Margaret Sanger’s creed to “wipe the Earth clean of the scourge of the Black man that stains her beauty?”

Is this level of intentional ignorance much worse than believed and perceived? I say it is.

At the 105th annual NAACP conference in Las Vegas, ironically titled “All in For Justice and Equality,” two Black conservatives were permitted a table to share their what the attendees would devise as an “alternative point of view.” But the NAACP attendees’ sheer refusal to understand what Deneen Borelli’s message was—that bigger government from cradle-to-grave care is another form of slavery—fell on deaf ears with one particular attendee. But she might’ve been speaking for all the attendees. Think anytime you see the word “justice” in a leaflet, a banner, a conference or anything offering a message, it usually means a Sal Alinsky tactic of oppress, underserve and ultimately conquer.

Only when Blacks finally take a stand in the blind trust the political promises have truly cost—and daring to hold said officials to their bait-and-switch tactics over the past five decades—will this community finally be free of the invisible bondage masquerading as benevolent assistance. As the late, great Ronald Reagan said during his 1980 campaign tour: “The nine most dangerous words in the English language: ‘I’m from the government and I’m hear to help’.”

About the AuthorA staunch, free-thinking conservative and lifelong newshound since the Ford Administration, Ms. Clarke is a contributing writer for Liberty Juice.com. When not engaged in current events, she is engaged with several writing projects, homeschooling her son, and co-parents an energetic rescue cattle dog and two rescue cats with polar-opposite personalities. Once a NYC native, Ms. Clarke and her family reside in central Pennsylvania. Follow her @BlackAndWryte for current event updates and @MKClarkeWrites for any aspects of the writing life.