7 Reasons Feminists Feel So Threatened By Outspoken Conservative Women

7 Reasons Feminists Feel So Threatened By Outspoken Conservative Women Image

It is worth repeating…liberal feminists are some of the grossest people in politics.  Inside and out.  If you don’t believe me, just go take a look at my twitter timeline because tenacious and outspoken conservative women are the strongest magnets when attracting the attacks of the women on the left.  There is no one that a feminists feels more threatened by than a conservative woman.  Why, you ask?  Here are a few reasons I’ve come up with.

1. Conservative women have long since proved that you can be successful without eviscerating the men in your life and we enjoy doing it wearing lipstick and heels -instead of the giant pink vagina suits and tampon earrings that the women of the left have to use as props for attention.  For some reason, feminists strongly associated with the left (take a gander at Code Pink) always look like they’ve been dragged through 1000 feet of gutter sludge.  It’s as if they take pride in oily hair, wooly eyebrows, and food stains all over the front of their shirts.  They feel that they must look unattractive or like men in order to be on an equal foot.  Just take a look at most (of course, in every situation there is always an anomaly or two) of all the far left women in politics.

Ladies of the left, trust me when I tell you… a little putty and a little paint makes a woman what she ain’t.  Making yourself the best you can be isn’t a crime to womanhood.  In fact, people might even take you a little more seriously.  Contrary to the popular opinion among your peers, wearing the giant vagina suits and walking around with red blood to assimilate paint smeared all over your crotch doesn’t do anything but make you look like a clown.

2.  While Feminists believe that abortion is empowerment, those of us on the right believe that life is precious– no matter the circumstance.  There is a ‘choice‘ to be made, but we believe that it’s already been made at conception.  In this day and age, with all of the information and contraceptives at our fingertips, there is no excuse for an “unwanted pregnancy.”  And for the small, legitimate accidental pregnancies that occur – we know that there are other options beside abortion, if keeping the baby isn’t one.

We also understand that women in the womb are just as important as those who have escaped alive.  Furthermore, we know that there are literally millions of women who aren’t with us today because of the “choices” that their mothers made in the yesterdays.  Abortion isn’t empowerment.  It leads to years of guilt, sadness, and regret.  Gendercide is happening all over the world and these feminist remain silent.  And if you are a really great feminists, you don’t only support abortion, you support infanticide.  Because a baby isn’t a baby until a feminist declares it to be so.

3.  Conservative women don’t want the government to be our “Baby Daddy.”  We understand that no government entity or program can replace the role of father to our children.  The years that feminists have used convincing women that they don’t need a man in their life, that they can play the role of both mother and father, has led to nearly 70% of single mothers and their children living in poverty.  Only a fifth of our families have a male breadwinner and a female homemaker…leaving more young children than ever before to raise themselves.

Clearly this philosophy has destroyed the American family, which has always been the cornerstone of our culture.  The bad that feminism has done, in just this regard alone in their attempt to shame women who choose a father for their children instead of the government, so far outweighs anything good.

4.  Conservative women, like myself, are raising our children to understand with a clear certainty that they are never to look to the government- but to their Creator- to be their source of their provision.   We already know that liberals don’t give freely of their own pocketbook.  Just pull up most Congressional Democrats, including the President’s, charitable giving record.  They “give” through legislative taxes and even then are often found to be hiding their assets and unwilling to pay their “fair share” that they often demand of others.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are some of the biggest givers in America.  Statistics show we give 30% more, on average, than do liberals.  Liberals and feminists are bleeding hearts and closed wallets.  However, most conservative women are raising their children that giving and tithing comes first.  And, in return, we have a Provider who promises we will never go without.  We may not have everything we want, but if we are faithful to Him with our finances, He will always be faithful to us in our needs.

5.  Feminist do not empower- they seek to create victims.  Their message that they are making women “stronger” is a lie.  Instead they have created generations now of women who are constantly on the lookout to be offended.  A man opens the door- it’s offensive.  A man compliments them-it’s sexual harassment.  A man asks to put a ring on it- it’s patriarchal.  A conservative woman recognizes modern feminism for what it is…an excuse to be victimized, to behave badly toward men..and they hate the fact that we operate on our own free will– rejecting group think mentality.

Democrats have no voting base without victims and they are constantly on the look out to create more.  Feminists have become useful idiots in this regard- telling women that they must vote only with their lady parts.  While Conservative women can see right through that and simply roll our eyes when we are told through their rabid fear mongering that the big bad Republicans are out to steal the birth control from our bedside tables.  Yet, gullible women seeking to align themselves with the “strong feminist,” because that’s what the culture has told them is the right and trendy thing to do, go screaming towards the voting booths and leave their brains at home.

6.  Conservative women understand that Feminists aren’t out to be “equal”- they actually seek to dominate and destroy their male counterparts.  A Feminist Dictionary goes so far as to define ‘male’ as ‘a degeneration and deformity of the female’.  How weak must one really be inside to not be able to stand on one’s own accomplishments and instead seek to obliterate the opposite gender?  This isn’t strength- this is a stance of overwhelming insecurity and weakness.

7.  Conservative women call out the Democrat scum while Feminists and their leaders in their movement remain strangely silent.  Because, you must understand, Feminist only seek to defend women as long as it fits their narrative.  And Democrats like Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Filner, Spitzer, etc…who have entire careers full of harassing and victimizing women must be protected, not outed, if you are a liberal.

While men like Spitzer, Weiner, and Filner were physically destroying women, their futures, their careers, and their families, the most powerful woman in the Democrat Party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, remained mute For months, she didn’t speak out in defense of any of these women nor did she call for any of these men to step down from their races.   Which is further proof that the only war on women comes from the camps of these Democrats who feel that women are there to serve as their sexual toys and the women in the party who protect them with their silence.

I could easily double this list, but for the sake of time, will stop here.  Nevertheless, to all of my conservative girls out there I have a word for you.  Stay strong.  You have a defining role in politics- possibly more than ever before.  It is us, conservative women, who will need to be on the frontlines through this November and even more so through the next two years.  Democrats have created a lie, and they have used the mainstream media to spin it and regurgitate it all day long.  It’s been integrated into entertainment and is fed  to young women looking for an identity.  We can stand right next to men on all of the issues from education, immigration, taxes and the economy– but conservative women are going to have to stand in front of men when it comes to counteracting the lies from the left and combating the false war on women victimhood narrative.

We are going to have be stronger, louder, more passionate than ever before if we want to take our country back.  Conservative men have been told that they have no business speaking for women.  They have been beaten down and told that their opinions are taboo.   Which, while it may be a lie- means we have to be the ones to take the torch and speak for those who cannot.  This is our defining role for the next 2-3 years and I hope you will pick up this challenge and join me in this fight!

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About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • dennis richardson

    Number 1 & 4 are well liked by me. Feminists force themselves to be atheists rationalizing past decisions, avoiding marriage & children. “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. My father rescued my mother from a life of worshiping the government, provided her an opportunity to see the success of capitalism, even as a doctor’s wife. Praise the positive influences upon my father of his faith in the Creator. Human intellect, earthly resources & physical labor create prosperity – John Locke. Not civil government. The British East India Company & London banker gangsters, great evil. Faith in Christ needed today.

  • lynn

    I know this article is old but I wanted to express my gratitude. It is wonderful to see a woman whom is comfortable and happy with herself enough to not try to be a man. I stand by my husband very firmly while being a lady. Way back in the day, feminists had a purpose. Anymore? I don’t have respect for a “woman” who parades around with her top off demanding respect. You earn respect, it is not given by being a woman or by demands. God bless.

  • JMM

    Your link to a “feminist dictionary” just goes to another anti-feminist article written by an intern for a blog site. There’s no mention in the article of any feminist dictionary, let alone the definition you cite.

    I googled to finally trace the quote (er, misquote) to a discredited 1971 book by an obscure librarian who was writing about a possible link between the genetic abnormality of two Y chromosomes and criminal behavior. The quote begins “IF the Y chromosome is a degeneration…” and then goes on to the section you quoted. In other words, it states that IF this condition exists, this other condition may follow.

    It’s not from a “feminist dictionary,” it’s not even a definition of “male,” it’s not a credible source, and it in no way represents the thinking of even a small number of feminists, nor has it ever.

    And btw, many many feminists wear heels and lipstick. Part of feminism is the belief that how you dress is your decision.

  • Rae Shue

    I have ALWAYS considered myself an “Anti-Feminist Feminist”. I firmly believe that men and women were created to COMPLETE each other, NOT COMPETE against each other. There are reasons where one is weak the other is strong. The REAL war on women is being fought in Muslim governed lands, where they live under Sharia law. If we must promote feminism and equal rights, than that is where we must go fight.

  • Lindsay I

    its unfortunate that u clearly dont understand the term feminist. the conservative women you describe are all feminists too.. they just have different views than other feminists.

  • Smart Cookie

    In regards to this article:
    I've not ever supported the "Feminist" movement since it was born back in the 60's. I am a firm believer that once a man and woman get married, the husband should be the sole financial provider and the wife should be a homemaker who happily takes care of the children along with the home. BUTTT, the husband should be a good father who supports his family unit after he comes home from an honest day's work. He is to be a solid dad and she is to be a solid mother. BOTH, the father and mother should ALWAYS be faithful such as the father NOT EVER having an affair or the mother NOT EVER having one either. BOTH husband and wife should not fall into sexual immorality such as with the sin in the world which is porn, sexism, prostitution, trafficking, strip clubs, the sex industry, and SOOOO MUCH more. The marriage bed between a man and a woman is a GIFT FROM GOD and should be a treat from heaven every time its layed upon. I understand that women were abused and treated in abusive ways, but the "Feminist" movement has reached a point up to today, to where women are actually turning into men. Feminist supporters feel that a man does not need to be anywhere in the equation and therefore, are raising children and families on their own which is foolish and power hungry, in my opinion. Families such as a man, woman and their natural born children are what life is about.

    Smart Cookie

  • Ricardo

    Hi Brittany.

    I don't really understand point 3, can you please clarify?

    Best regards
    Ricardo Carvalho

  • Susan Johnston

    Thanks Brittany for your insightful, well-written article. I’m forwarding it to my son and daughter in college. Keep fighting the good fight and God bless!

  • Susan Johnston

    Thanks Brittany for your insightful, well-written article. I’m forwarding it to my son and daughter in college. Keep fighting the good fight and God bless!

    • libertybritt

      Thank you for reading and for your support!