Political Tantrums: Whiny Conservatives Who Vow To Throw Their Vote Away

Political Tantrums: Whiny Conservatives Who Vow To Throw Their Vote Away Image

“Hmpph! If my candidate doesn’t win then I’m NOT VOTING!”  When you are driven by 110% emotion and anger, who needs an ounce of logic and a second of research?  Pragmatism is so overrated to those who are driven by their passions instead of a reasonable thought process.  Such has been my recent experience with a certain demographic of Republicans who I knew would raise their heads during the silly season called the Republican Primary.

I responded to what I considered to be one of the most asinine tweets Sunday on Twitter and it set off a firestorm of comments- both from people who agreed and disagreed with me- and has continued on for the last couple of days.  Unfortunately, this frustrating and irresponsible message is often led by people with large conservative audiences on social media and picked up by the equally angry bobble-head followers because if someone they “follow” has a large number of followers, than they must certainly be an expert and there is no need for self thought or personal rationalization, right?  Wrong.  By the way, these are often the same people who have rallied around Donald Trump for one issue and couldn’t tell you what his stances are on a couple dozen other equally important ones.  But, naively assume he must be conservative because that’s “what he says.”  I wrote on that several years ago here– but it’s still relevant today.  FullSizeRender

This mental smallness corresponded with a piece that I wrote awhile back, Losing Elections: 5 Ways NOT To Behave During A Republican Primary and it’s worth reposting my third point again and I will reiterate that this also applies when you feel that “your candidate” is being treated unfairly:

3. Work the primary season frothing at the mouth in support of your candidate only to watch them drop out halfway through and, as a result, throw yourself on the ground in a political tantrum.  Obviously, for those who must sub-consciously like to watch Democrats win, this means your next step must be to immediately and loudly (through every social media status available to you) withdraw your partnership and support of the Republican party.  It’s the equivalent of taking your marbles and going home because you got knocked out before the game was over.

This show of an adult political temper tantrum doesn’t make you look strong and defiant while standing on your principles- outside of the few mulish people who absurdly do it with you.  To the rest of us it makes you look ludicrous, short-sighted, and foolish.

Understand me very clearly when I assure you that I fully understand the frustration that the Right often feels in regards to the Republican party.  Especially the disgruntlement that comes from those of us on the far right of whom I’m very much apart.  But I also understand it stems from living in a world of ideology which often doesn’t completely align with realism or realistic governing, which means that our ideology must never be abandoned but it must also be tempered with pragmatism, wisdom, and foresight.

FullSizeRenderThis ridiculous notion that we should cut off our nose to spite our face is childish, dramatic, and quite honestly, nothing short of stupid.  While I assure you that I also feel an equal distaste for certain candidates, I’m not so foolish and blind to the fact that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be far worse than anything that even the most objectionable Republican candidate would offer.  This infuriating sentiment that any conservative voter would be “punishing the GOP” by staying at home in childish hysterics or by handing their vote to the Democrats by voting third party only looks courageous and defiant to you and the few others who senselessly join you.

We have handed over historic elections that came with far reaching and dramatically devastating consequences over the last 8 years because of the petulant and emotional political tantrums that people like this throw.  And then for the following 8 years we’ve listened to these same people whine and moan on social media about the legislation that has been crammed down America’s throats- largely because THEY were derelict in their duties to get to the voting booths due to the fact that they were too busy writhing on the floors in a symbol of some sort of “punishment to the GOP.”

All of these flame throwers are so eager to blame the GOP for the nominee that we end up with- instead of the voters.  The GOP doesn’t hold a coronation.  Sure, the “establishment” (and heck, we’ll all be called establishment if we hang around long enough) rallies behind their favorites– as do the Tea Party and the other factors of the Republican Party.  It’s all apart of the game and we have a system in place, a democracy designed by our Founding Fathers, to elect these candidates.  And each factor that can influence enough votes for their candidate wins the primary.  But it’s the VOTERS who decided– NOT the GOP.  And for those who want to FullSizeRenderblame the states being stacked early and determining the winner….let me bust that bubble and inform you that states like Iowa and South Carolina have some of the most conservative, evangelical primary voters in the country and states like New Hampshire lean far more libertarian than anything.  The fact of the matter is– each of you has a favorite or two.  I certainly do.  But at the end of the day, only one candidate wins and if my guy loses- it means that the majority of VOTERS disagreed with me.

As for voting for a third party, we can look back in recent history and see how that worked out for us.  Those who used their votes to protest ushered in Ross Perot and gave us a President Bill Clinton.  We still haven’t recovered from that debacle and it’s been twenty FullSizeRenderyears!  Further, now we are forced to deal with Hillary who would most likely be completely irrelevant right now without that Bill “win” many years ago.  That was a far reaching and more damaging consequence than any of those short sighted protest voters ever imagined.

So, yeah…go ahead and shove that fork painfully through your own eyeball, shoot yourself through your own foot, and slice that nose right off your own face.  That’ll teach ’em.  Oh, and when a Hillary presidency turns into a reality, we better never hear a peep of complaint from you over the next 8 years.  Suck it up and receive your medicine- you’ll find out real fast why a distasteful Republican candidate was preferable over Hillary any day.

The rest of us will bust our tails working for “our guys” in the primary -doing our best to influence and win voters for our candidate.  And if we fail, because other voters disagreed with us  for various reasons, we will rally at the end and do our best to win this election and save our country from another far more disastrous Clinton presidency!  Because God help us if she wins the White House.

About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • jacqui8411

    I won’t vote for Jeb for 3 reasons. Reason number 1, the arrogance of the entire Bush family to think that they somehow have a dynasty going (They are just that good). Reason number 2, Illegal immigration. The Bush’s are for it, Jeb will give us amnesty and no fence, no e-verify (we already know how the Bush’s handle immigration). Reason number 3, When the ENTIRE country has a choice between Hillary and the Jebster, they will choose Hillary. Jeb is Hillary lite. There needs to be a stark difference between the candidates and our candidate needs to be able to articulate those differences. Britt, if Jeb doesn’t get the nomination and Cruz, Walker or Fiorina does, will he support their candidacy? Will the establishment? McConnell, Boehner? Me thinks they won’t.

  • Debbie Dooley

    Count me in as not voting for Jeb Bush if he is the nominee. He is the only one I WOULD NOT cast my vote for and I really don’t care what establishment hacks like you think. It is my right to vote the way I wish. We still have some rights in this country..

    • Lilarose Davis

      Thank Gawd you have only one vote, huh?

  • Mark M Webster

    Argue, gripe, yell, whine, stomp your feet, and cry all you want during the primaries; then stand together as one in support of the nominee in the general. Or watch the country continue to unravel as you sit in your smug arrogance.

    • jacqui8411

      Like we did last time? Mitt Romney.

  • skrunyan

    I have no ‘ chosen’ candidate (yet) but I am sick of you sold out RINO’s who work every angle to shame & threaten the people who are sick of your one world Bush’s and progressive House & Senate leaders who want much of what all Progressives want. It is the sell out liberal Republicans that stabbed us in the back right after the last election & cont to do so. If we break up with the party let me say loud & clear: IT’S YOU, NOT ME.

  • Avniel

    I own my vote. I will not throw it away on an elephant or a jackass. My congressional reps have made it clear they do not care about constituency input. I vote for the Independent with my integrity intact. http://www.constitutionparty.com/

    • Ruth Stryker Flores

      Avniel, then you and your integrity will go straight down the tubes with the rest of this country. Have you never heard of choosing the lesser of two evils? If you consider them both bad choices, choose the one who is the least bad. Otherwise, you are knowingly choosing to elect the worst possible leader for our country.

      • Avniel

        Democrats have recreated Republicans in their own image. Those who vote for the lesser of evil will get evil. I choose to not vote for your evil. The corrupt media has so brainwashed voters to only think 2 dimensional, and Low Information Voters do as they are told.

        • scot

          i agree totally

  • Roger Wallace

    You can blame the voters, but I don’t even know what the Republican Party’s platform is anymore, and I know I’m not alone. Is it any wonder then when it comes November in a presidential election year why so many conservative voters choose to bow out or vote for a third party candidate? If the party leaders would focus on finding just a few dynamic candidates with solid agendas that directly impact Americans, and not some nearly twenty who don’t know seem to know what they want, then maybe you’d see the same kind of support at the polls that Ronald Reagan got back in 1980.

  • Doc

    Tired of you whiny people who “claim” to be conservative but keep putting up liberals like jeb or mitt so people like obama can win.. Reckon we are even.

  • CLR

    If Jeb comes up the nominee, I will vote for him before I ever vote for Killary!