Shattered Trust: ‘Leaders’ And Their Mea-Culpa’s On Trump- Too Little, Too Late!

Shattered Trust: ‘Leaders’ And Their Mea-Culpa’s On Trump- Too Little, Too Late! Image

To my revulsion, I’ve seen much backpedaling in my social media timeline this week from talking heads and conservative leaders who spent the last many months lauding, applauding, defending and shilling for this Trojan Horse in our party, Donald Trump.  They’ve used their pulpits, whether on the air or through online media, to extol the virtues and praises of this clown while attacking those of us who have carried their water for them for months.  They’ve exchanged their principles for click bait articles, book sales, Facebook likes and shares, and higher ratings.  They’ve used and peddled their influence for ill-gotten gains and mocked those of who have stood in the gaps, oftentimes calling us “RINO’s and elitist” as we’ve stood in the middle of the road while the traffic bears down us, waving the flag of remembrance in honor of the Constitutional principles laid shredded in the wake of their profits.

These talking heads, commentators, political leaders among us constantly told us to shut up– that the Donald was fantastic “entertainment” and fabulous for our party as he “destroys political correctness.”  They laughed at his comments, encouraged his embarrassing and misogynistic rants, his heinous gestures mocking the handicap and those with degenerative diseases, and refused to repudiate his appalling behavior or put him on the line for his lifetime devotion to liberal policy.  This man, this authoritarian demagogue, one they should be renouncing on a daily basis as someone NOT representative in anyway of our Party, instead was embraced and made to feel at home.  We got hijacked by crazy profiteers that have totally forgotten why we exist as a party- and that is to elect conservative leaders to govern with a conservative philosophy. 

In many exchanges I had on and off line, they reprimanded me for not going along with the crowd- insulted and sneered when I repeatedly reminded them that none of this would be funny when we watch Hillary make her inaugural speech next January.  They rebuked the notion that this was a dark and dangerous path that they were paving with their silence and acceptance.  We’ve been derided as a party who are racist-women hating-homophobes  and when our frontrunner becomes that person, those of us who find it appalling are told to “chill out.”

I was told I was hateful in my unwavering stance and refusal to entertain this as at all amusing.  I’ve been told that if I don’t give it up to get along that my reputation would be ruined and I’d never be heard on the air or taken seriously again.  My response has always been that my integrity matters.  My convictions are stronger than my desire for any attention I might get for selling out and if that’s what it takes to be a “leader” and a “voice” in the party, than I have no interest in it and want no part of it.  Has it effected all of those things?  For sure.  I know I’ve burned bridges and lost opportunities.  But I can sleep at night.  And I can move forward with a clear conscience that I had no part of this circus.  On the other hand, I’ve gained numerous relationships with new friends and contacts who have been tested in the same fire and who I have the utmost and profound respect for.  You can identify them by the similar bullet wounds from the crossfire.

I’ve lost faith and confidence in long time leaders and people I considered dear friends in the conservative movement.  My trust has been shattered in regards to their integrity.  I entered this political season a little naive and will end it jaded and disgusted with many of my fellow “leaders.”  Relationships based on mutual convictions and trust have been exchanged for derision and a constant future questioning of their judgement on everything.

You see, they foolishly thought that the enemy of their enemy was their friend.  In reality, the enemy of their enemy was looking to destroy everything in an effort to rebuild it under his own brand of elitism and liberalism.  That means that when the house gets burned down with the “establishment” they were looking to eradicate, they are locked inside as well and considered collateral damage.

Now, we see these same people who exploited Trump’s popularity to get ratings at the expense of the primary voters and purposefully deceive those voters in an effort to cash in on it themselves, suddenly come to a screeching halt as they realize what they’ve done.  Now they see-we were right.  This guy might actually win.  And it’s largely because of them.  It was THEIR articles, THEIR posts, THEIR words that were constantly sent back to me in an effort to validate the voter’s thought process because people have lost the ability to think for themselves.  “See?” they would say.  “If Mark Levin says it’s good– you think he would steer us wrong?  You think he would sell us out for money???” As they scroll past his advertisement for his new book.

And the voters should feel equal shame for allowing these “false conservative prophets” the power to influence them, rather than using their own principles and God given logic.

But now the back peddling has started.  The articles entitled “We Were Wrong” are littering my screens and suddenly they care that Trump is a big government Democrat that has carjacked our party because he couldn’t make it on the Democrat ticket.  But you know what?  It’s too little, too late.  And you people will be the one’s largely responsible for the consequence.

The only thing winning this election season is Insanity.


About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • Michael Flanagan

    I agree with you 100%, Brittany. I’ve also been derided and belittled for trying to warn people about Trump. It’s stunning to me how few people remember the 2008 election cycle and not vetting a candidate (How’d that work out for us?). I, for one, will NEVER vote for Trump. If he wins the nomination, I’ll vote 3rd party of write in Cruz. Compromising my principles to vote for the “lesser of two evils” will NOT happen a third time. I hear “Not voting for Trump is the same as voting for a demoKKKrat” while the people saying it completely gloss over that a vote for Trump IS a vote for a demoKKKrat.

  • George Templeton

    I find myself agreeing with all of what was written here. I range everywhere from angry (with Cruz,, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and various Tea Party organizations) to disappointed (Limbaugh, Pastor Jeffress, failed candidates like Walker and Jindal) to bemused at it all. Some of it makes me sad, if Trump is the nominee then limited government conservatism (to the degree it was ever a force in this country) is dead and the country won’t survive.

  • steve

    Hey Brittany, I’m not sure why you hate Trump so much. I guess it’s because he changed his mind or views on some of the beliefs you hold dear. Have you never changed your mind when facts were found out. He wants to make the border secure, he wants to deal with isis with a plan, work with Israel, he is against abortion, for the second amendment, immigration after the wall is built will be fair and legal. I like a lot of what he says and you and other people can take him with a grain of salt because of his past, but why attack the person with name calling. Lets judge him on policies, thats what we as voters should do. I listen to what he says out of his own mouth and not from the media, because of their spin on everything. Getting rid of the clinton, bush dynasty is what we should really be working towards. I hope you will vote for him if he is the republican candidate and not cut off your nose to spite your face. I’m from texas as well and am with Ted, take care.

    • George Templeton

      The fact you believe any of Trump’s conversion to conservatism is unfortunate. He is at his heart a big government guy and his support for cronyism and continued insistence that Obamacare be replaced with a single-payer health care system should show you that the other views he holds are positions of convenience. For awhile the only candidate he didn’t attack was Hillary Clinton (now when people have noticed he’s started to). BTW when Trump criticizes others for Amnesty it’s truly laughable. Not only for his criticism of Mitt Romney’s immigration rhetoric in 2012 but for the fact that his plan (deport everyone and bring nearly all of them back) is an amnesty of a sort and not that different from Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s ideas during the immigration reform debate during the Bush administration.

      • TEXAS1111

        You may be correct that Trump favors big government (though I am not completely convinced of that), but so are the GOP establishment politicians that dominate both the Senate and the House. They broken every promise they made to get elected and when it mattered they capitulated to Reid and Obama and in the end behaved just like liberals. There is NO difference between the parties at this point. My money and my votes go to the candidate that is committed to fixing the border, and removing illegals, will focus on shutting down benefits to people who aren’t supposed to be here and give it to the veterans who need our help. Tell me who that is because right now there is only one candidate that has committed to those actions.

        • George Templeton

          Except he is going to bring most of the illegal immigrants back and removing them will be a gigantic expense. His talk on veterans means nothing considering he wants single-payer health care which has worked so well for VA patients in this country has it. Ted Cruz isn’t committed to fixing the border, really? Have I missed something there.
          Donald Trump has no way, zero, to get any programs of his passed even if he meant to keep his promises, which the forked-tongue New York leftist will not do.

          And the fact is this, border security-first is the policy of this party because immigration reform can’t (and won’t) happend without it.

          • TEXAS1111

            I doubt many will make it back in. But more than that, if our policies adjust to eliminate government benefits to non citizens, and focus jobs on American citizens the magnet will be greatly diminished.

            My belief is that IF Trump wins Congress will fall in line. They aren’t stupid and won’t risk the ire of a populace that just turned politics upside down.

            Immigration reform isn’t necessary. Enforcement is. We need to track visitors (we used to and can again) and remove criminals immediately (remove sanctuary cities).

            The other change is dropping birthright citizenship.

            No magnets, or freebies, it will change.