Ann Coulter: The New Leader of Every Racist Gutterbug in America

Ann Coulter: The New Leader of Every Racist Gutterbug in America Image

Even after years of being involved in different levels and perspectives of politics, I remember starting out this political season just a mere few months ago on a naive footing.  Throughout my adult life and looking back through the lens of history, I believed wholeheartedly that there would never be a Republican candidate that I couldn’t support over what the Democrats had to offer.  Even the worst on our ballot would always be palatable in comparison.  I preached it from whatever pulpit I was given and was deeply invested in that belief.

And then Trump.  Watching his candidacy unfold was horrifying, each week revealing another revolting piece of information on exactly who he is, what kind of loathsome policies he’s supported both philosophically and financially. Vulgar and profane.  Repugnant and immoral.  A bully of the worst sort who has been able to protect himself with his cash and grease the wheels of consequence with his status.  He shattered my solid and long held conviction that what we have to offer is always superior to the other side.

FullSizeRenderHis nationalist, authoritarian beliefs have attracted every gutter bug imaginable to his campaign.  And one of the worst pieces of slime who has slithered her way to the front of his campaign as his unofficial spokeswoman is Ann Coulter.  Once a strong and witty voice of the right, she has turned into a woman who has become unhinged by racism and hate.  And with the rise of Trump she found the altar upon which she will prostitute herself; exchanging basic human decency for re-tweets and book sales.  Transforming herself into the Sarah Silverman of politics, an attention whore willing to say anything if she can only keep the spotlight on her for a few more seconds, she has become an utter shame of a leach to our party.

This weekend Coulter launched into a twitter rant that when I responded back had every White Supremacist roach crawling out of their hidey holes to viciously attack me and defend their mouthpiece.  She has unofficially assumed the mantle of leadership, under this Trump candidacy, to represent the most vile among us.  And they adore Trump as one would a savior who has come to cleanse their world of any shade of color outside of a lily, tweeting under hashtags like #cuckservative, #whitegenocide, #kkk, #jewhate, #whitesuprmacist, etc…IMG_5294

Theoretically, I knew this was going on. Like the majority of the Republican Party, I’ve been horrified to see every Nazi supporting, White Supremacist group and leader come out and endorse and campaign for Trump. I knew it was happening but I never really understood the extent of it until I was thrust in the middle on Saturday when literally every rabid rat, all hiding behind anonymous anime pictures and names, skulked out their ditches to defend their Dear Leader and his Eva Braun.

Together, Trump and and those who follow in the sludge behind him, like Ann Coulter, are systematically destroying who we are as a party.  They are using our platform to erect a throne to white nationalism- using fear as a manipulation tool as fascist and dictators have through history.

To the decent people who have been sucked in and duped by the Trump campaign.  Take a good hard look at who else is propping this man up.  These are your bedfellows.  When you share a common denominator as strong as this, it’s time for some self-awareness and deep introspection.  Wake up.

About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • Robert T

    What’s actually quite funny, is if you ACTUALLY LISTEN to what Trump says, like him or not, he is at once far more Liberal leaning than any Republican Candidate and far more Conservative as well.

    – Technically, if you are from Mexico and here illegally, you are a criminal. It’s not a misdemeanour either.
    – He seems far more supportive of initiatives w.r.t. universality than Cruz or Rubio who are still platforming on tired policies that lost twice to Obama ….. and will again.

    Whether you like Trump or not, trying to subvert the will of the people is never okay. Debate is always acceptable, but when it becomes harassment to support YOUR views .. you have overstepped.

  • Talon

    Here is what I wrote about Coulter back in 2012

    • Cousin_Ken

      Hello Talon

      Your ‘Dear Ann Letter’ is certainly a timely flashback and your Talon’s
      Point blog has been bookmarked by a grateful former ‘fetus’.

  • David

    I enjoyed the “what are you conserving?” Question. I think some people have no idea what it means to be a conservative. It doesn’t mean conserving the Arian Race. That has been tried. It’s about a conservative interpretation of the US Constitution.

  • Josh Isalto

    I’ve witnessed same first hand at a Trump rally seeing dark camouflaged, army boot wearing neo’s being very angry and confrontational against anti-Trump dark skinned protestors. It was surreal to witness this in 2015 America.

  • Josh Isalto

    Meanwhile, SS Coulter warms up Trump’s audiences with her Mexicans are worse than ISIS meme. Then Trump follows blaming them for unemployment, the economy, crime, drugs and everything which ails America. His Stormtrumpers gobble it all in as they carve out a divided America.

  • Raxtoren

    I am swedish, look at the rapist been caught here, look at the names- calling people racist or nazi isnt gonna solve the rapes- is it?

    vote trump ,or end up like Sweden.

    • Brittany Pounders

      This is the exact tool of fear and paranoia used to manipulate. No. The choice is not between “vote Trump or be raped.” Stop. Just stop.

      • LinuxLewis

        just like YOU slandering and harassing Whites who object to the liberal program? Demanding EVERYONE accept the liberal’s genocidal agenda or theyre “racist!” “Nazis!” “White supremacists!”.

        • Raxtoren

          its def happening in Sweden, 30% of every person in jail in Sweden doesnt even have citizienship- and we arnt allowed to track data on “immigrant” criminals who jhust got their citizenship or are 2nd generation etc.

        • IronMaidenaregods

          Except that she is not a liberal.

          • Brittany Pounders

            Yeah, there’s that…

      • Raxtoren

        We have mass rapes in Sweden, putting our hand in the sand doesnt change the fact that we lead the rape charts now.
        In fact, the police and the gov admitted they have been hiding rape / sexual crimes for years now, because it could help the far-right .

        you walk into the wrong suborn in Sweden today, among immigrants and well I dont like to admit it but u might get raped.

    • IronMaidenaregods

      She calls them racist because they are.

      Vote Cruz, not Trump

      • Raxtoren

        doesnt matter, facts are facts.

        we lead rape charts and 1/3 in our jails doesnt even have swedish citizenship.

        calling me a racist doesnt change the fact, no matter how you feel.

  • Rick Britton

    First Ann Coulter, than Sarah Palin. It will be interesting to see who the next conservative sell-out to the Thumper will be

    • Brittany Pounders

      Check the one that walks away with bulging pockets.

  • terrisarten

    The GOP has become ideologically what it opposed for 162 years. I used to be very proud of being a Republican. It was part of my growing up. And when Democrat friends would look at me in horror and say, how can you be a Republican? I could strongly say we were founded by the anti-slavery movement of the 1800’s. The people who strongly believed in the free-soil movement.

    Today the RNC has run the party ideology into the toilet. I cut my RNC membership card a few years ago.

    And now, those who wear Republican labels are trashing us with an authoritarian who hasn’t heard a talking point he doesn’t like. One minute he is for this, the next minute he is for that. Doesn’t matter if they contradict. They sound good coming out of his mouth.

    If we can’t pull this plunging country out of this horrible crash with a full throated constitutionalist, then I would rather it go down with a Democrat label at the helm.

    • LinuxLewis

      so in otherwords – we must EMBRACE the liberals’ program to turn Europe & America non-White (which is genocide under law) – if we OBJECT to liberalism then it means we love slavery and hate everyone who is non-White? And what you are doing is NOT fear mongering, right?

      • Connor Stapleton

        Is your dog as racist as you are? Just curious.

      • terrisarten

        Lot’s of strawmen arguments. Good luck with that.

        • LinuxLewis

          not ONE strawman in there. FACT = you anti-Whites ARE turning White countries non-White. FACT = you ARE harassing, threatening, and slandering whites who object. FACT = you have blatantly implied that objecting to these things means we must like slavery & hate non-Whites.

          • terrisarten

            Carry on, strawman.

          • Robert T

            Typical liberal reply. I don’t like what you say and have no way to respond, therefore I will resort to personal attacks.

      • IronMaidenaregods

        Except that the lady above is a conservative.

        Clearly, you can neither read nor form an argument.

  • DDay

    I agree with all of it. Coulter is the worst America has to offer.