Principles Betrayed: But New Conservative Leadership To Emerge From The Ashes

Principles Betrayed: But New Conservative Leadership To Emerge From The Ashes Image

This has been the most grueling election of my life.  Granted, I’m not that old.  However, I can assure you that through the years of being in the political arena my convictions have been tested.  But, I’ve never been tested like I’m being tested now.

I’ve never been more aware of how easy taking the path of least resistance could be.  The cost has been high. I wake up with it and I go to bed with it.  And I’m seeing previously staunchly principled conservatives either wobble or cave from the pressure.

As a lover of history, I’m reading the life of Thomas Jefferson and his daughter, Abigail Jefferson.  It’s been a poignant and devastating reminder of what our Founding Fathers sacrificed in order to build this shining city upon a hill.  They surrendered lives of comfort, abandoned successful careers and fortunes, left the contentment of their homes and their loved ones, and resigned themselves to death…all for the sake of liberty.

And then I reflect on how this election has been a pruning.  The smaller branches went first.  Many of the previous “Tea Party” leaders who used that platform to build names for themselves, some with well-lined pockets, and book deals that came with their Tea Party pulpits were some of the first to whore out their principles.

These people were the exact opposite in character for “what made America great”—not the faux-orange-tinged prototype slogan used to grab easily manipulated voters obsessed with celebrity personality.

No, these men and women were the paradoxical versions of our Founding Fathers.  They traded their principles for fame, fortune, and celebrity.  Some did it for a large paycheck, others did it for seats at the White House Correspondence Dinners, ‘surrogate’ positions, dozens of weekly hits on national television, and spots in Glamour magazine.

These people…these men and women?…  No, they will go down in history- NOT as lovers of liberty…but as lovers of self.

And then we had the high hanging limbs.  Those who resisted strongly to fall in line with populism during the primary.  They were the ones who said, “We’ve got your back.  We will never support this fraud.  He is a ‘cancer’ to our party.”  And within seconds of the primary ending, began envisioning their possible new home in the Vice President’s mansion.  Men who were former Governors, sitting Senators, and now struggling to stay relevant saw themselves in important and comfortable Cabinet positons.

And one by one, they caved. Chris Christie. Rick Perry.  Rand Paul.  Bobby Jindal.

They had spent months mocking and deriding Trump supporters as being conned and easily manipulated voters without conservative thought or principle and now they have joined their ranks, becoming one of the pandered to.   Proving to American voters, exactly WHY we don’t trust them.

Sellouts.  Leaving us wondering… Where have all the good men gone?

Well, the good men are still here.  The tree is now solid.  The branches are cleaned of dead debris and fruitless wood.  The branches left are strong and tested.

I’m in proud company.  Ranks of men and women who have been put through hell and are standing strong.  These are the people who didn’t cave to peer pressure, who couldn’t be bought off with promises of deals and popularity. They are who you want standing with you when the going gets tough, blood has been drawn, and the wounds run deep.

Why?  Because one day this will be behind us.  The Republican party may disintegrate.  The former planks once worth fighting for (even though imperfectly represented at times) will have been redrawn and re-branded into something shameful and unrecognizable.

But the Conservative movement will rise again.  And there will be a new generation of conservative leadership emerging.  One that is credit-worthy, proven, and dependable.

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About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

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  • Doug Curtis

    Amen, Brittany!!

  • Lisa Zirkle

    Brittany, I understand the sense of betrayal to conservative principles. I have been witnessing something like this for years with elected, so called conservatives betraying the principles they spouted to get elected. As a conservative, it is very hard for me to not feel betrayed by such events as the budget deal which the Republican controlled House passed in December last year. Paul Ryan did not just happen on the scene after Boehner bailed out. He was integral to the process. His characterization that he was powerless is insulting to the intelligence of many conservatives. It is outrageous what happened, yet I see little or no outrage over that. In fairness, perhaps you have said something about this betrayal, and I
    missed it. If so, my apologies. I mean that sincerely. I read a lot
    of articles, so if I missed your response to that, please direct me.

  • Mark Machado

    Your sad devotion to blindly follow conservatism will lead to the death of this nation. The people have voted. You have two realistic choices Trump and Hillary. Fight your fight but as a conservative I would think now is the time to rally the troops against Hillary not moan and cry for a white knight to save the day.

    • Brittany Pounders

      “Sad devotion to blindly follow conservatism”…this shows you and I have literally nothing in common. You can vote for Hillary or you can vote for the demagogue who financed her. Sounds like either one would be right up your alley.

      • Mark Machado

        I’m not saying give Trump a free pass. He is not a conservative candidate and that is a disappointment but the reality is there are no conservatives left. I can understand that Trump is not the person conservatives wished for but instead of bemoaning the situation it’s time to stop Hillary. All efforts should be on that. Trump has spoken conservative friendly even if he himself is not. Hillary is pulling more to the left everyday. Unless you are ok, and it seems you are, with Hillary being president you need to acknowledge the current situation.

        • Marcus Aurelius

          And you think Trump is not pulling further left day by day?

          • Mark Machado

            So your solution is? Sit it out and let Hillary be president? I’m not seeing a lot of answers here.

          • Randall

            I’m not sitting out. I’ll vote for Ted Cruz as a write in if possible. What you’re asking us to do is to give up our faith and values to support a man that literally entered the race to destroy and to split conservatives. No sir, I will never support either trump or clinton. I’ll not hold my nose again.

          • Mark Machado

            Again more bellyaching about Cruz. Yes everyone know by now. Trump is no conservative. You have two choices. Hillary and Trump. No amount of wishing and dreaming will bring back Cruz for this election. So you’re ok with Hillary being president. Got it. A write in for Cruz is the same as supporting Hillary. You call it standing up for your faith and values. Ok nice. I call it the reason we will have 4 more years and maybe 8 of an ultra liberal in the White House. That is unacceptable to me.

          • Randall

            We had a candidate to run that we all cheered for, but when he needed OUR support he got stabbed in the back. It isn’t surprising that we now have to vote for 1 of 2 progressives? Both with dem ideal, progressives and Cultural Marxists. This is what has been placed on our plate and I cannot abide being a part of this carnival.

        • Randall

          Conservative friendly? He said he didn’t even need us.

        • Randall

          He has already been given a free pass by media and his supporters, and now the GOP. trump IS Clinton in every aspect except gender, and per his recent statements concerning bathrooms I wonder about his gender confusion as well. It is people such as yourself who will destroy this nation and are in the process even now. You’ll cave on every issue, just like trump, and we end up in a cesspool of a country.

          • Mark Machado

            Ok that is just insane. Trump gets trashed in the media and supporters of other candidates. Hardly given a free pass. That would have been Cruz just because Trump took all the media attention. Dude still couldn’t get any support. I would have loved for a hardcore conservative to be elected but that didn’t happen. I’m looking at the situation as it stands. Trump or Hilary. I know Hillary is wrong for the country so that leaves me with Trump. I would suggest you vote to stop her.

          • Randall

            Trashed? Let’s talk about Ted being trashed by trump, the media and HIS supporters. The same ppl who cheered him a year ago for standing up to McConnell and the left ended up spreading every lie the trump campaign could fabricate. His dad was involved with Lee H. Oswald and JFK assassination? Just one example. You’re the worst king of betrayal. You allowed a progressive dem to herd you into their fantasy land. The wall is now just a suggestion, replace 0bamacare with trumpcare, bring the Syria “rapefugees” on, let men in the ladies restroom and vice versa, forward on gay rights, amnesty after spending millions on deportation, etc etc. You should be proud to support such a person.