Trump Ruined Our Conservative War Against Hillary

Trump Ruined Our Conservative War Against Hillary Image

I was a young girl when Bill Clinton was elected President.  We were fresh off years of Republican reign and I was in a home that found our loss infuriatingly unacceptable.  I was raised on a steady diet of Tex-Mex and Rush Limbaugh.  I rarely know any of the popular songs from the 90’s because we didn’t listen to music in the car- instead, I was steadily inundated with the Limbaugh Institute of Conservative Studies.

The Clinton years toiled by alongside my teenage years and it didn’t take long for Clinton’s name to become synonymous with any foul four letter word in our home. We devolved into a nation high off Reagan inspiration to one preaching government dependency.  And with that was ushered a new shameful chapter flaunting sexual deviancy and adultery. 

I remember my dad flipping off the tv when us kids would walk into the room because the national news was sordidly full of nothing but cigars, semen, and a young girl not much older than me who sported a blue dress.  There was a blanket of shame covering America.  The world was pointing and laughing that the leader of the free world hadn’t been doing much leading, but a whole lot of philandering.

As I grew into an older teen, most girls my age were stuck on Danielle Steele books while I was the political nerd devouring Reagan’s autobiography and Clinton exposes.  Thus for many years, I have had a deep and personal understanding of exactly who the Clinton’s are, knowing their insatiable thirst and willingness to do anything for more power.  And I was aware of every skeleton and scandal.

As we began to move closer to the launch of the 2016 presidential campaign and my fellow Republicans began to bemoan a Hillary candidacy, I was sharpening my knowledge and preparing my tools. I wasn’t just prepared to take on the Hillary Clinton machine – I was looking forward to it.  In a day and age where Democrats have made their main taking point a faux “war on women” in an effort to create more victims with which to “rescue,” I was excited to turn it back around and shine the spotlight on the one woman who had enabled one of the greatest offenders of women of all time. Bill Clinton.

Hillary has chosen for years to “stand by her scum.”  This is not the mark of a smart and powerful woman.  This is the mark of a weak woman who doesn’t think she can make it without Bill Clinton on her team.

I passionately detested her, I was repulsed by her husband, and I could articulate why.

The primary launched and I was thrilled. Out of 17 candidates I could easily support 16 of them over the woman I considered the She-Devil.

Only one I couldn’t.  I walked into this election #NeverTrump as I had already done a great deal of research on Trump four years prior to his candidacy.  I believed every word he used to convince us of exactly who he was through his entire life.  History is the best indicator of future behavior and one ignores that at their own peril.

Yes, conservatives consider Hillary the bottom of the barrel in regards to politics…and she certainly is.  But there’s always the corner of the gutter where the bacterial parasites live and that’s exactly where Trump resides.

Trump, the man who mocked Reagan as a con man, lauded the right to partial birth abortion, praised tax increases, said Hillary should lead negotiations with Iran, openly supports committing war crimes, brags of his adulterous affairs, mocks the handicap, among other egregious issues, is just as much, if not more, of a gutter bug than both Hillary and Bill.  These two birds of a feather have been extraordinarily chummy for decades and are the flip side to each other’s coin.

Is a Clinton by another name any less repugnant?

No, this election is not about the #NeverTrumpers hijacking a Republican win.  And let me be very clear for all of you “but Hillary” crowd-this has nothing to do with not understanding who Hillary is.  We were prepared.  We were ready.  And we would have left it all on the battlefield if you had only given us something to fight for.  But this time, the lesser of evil is just not lesser enough.

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About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • cbl1984

    You’re mistake was buying the garbage that Rush Limbaugh was selling. It sure as hell isn’t Conservative. I saw through him years ago. When he completely sold out to Trump, I was not surprised at all. Prior to Rush, the GOP won the presidency in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1984 and 1988…both popular and electoral. Then Rush comes along during the 1988 campaign, but he was more a force to be reckoned with in 1992. Then the GOP lost in 1992, 1996, they barely won the electoral college in 2000, barely won in 2004, and then lost in 2008, 2012, and probably 2016. Rush has been BAD for the GOP!

  • Satan

    Nice going Texas… keep up the good work.

    • Nancy Clark

      WRONG…it is the indoctrinated gullible stupid democrats that have INFILTRATED the republican party and brought it DOWN to the same stinking level as the crooked low IQ lying democrats.

  • RXpatriot46

    Nailed it!

  • John Hand w/gunpermit

    We MUST support Trump. Got that people? We MUST support Trump against Obama and his liberal media. Got that people? We MUST support Trump. Now, get out there and support Trump. Ray Turley, are you reading this?

    • Rommsey

      If we must support him you’re saying we must support the Liberal policies he embraces including when he espouses their values, platform items along with hosting and showering praise for democrats. Hosting large parties and making huge donations to their efforts.

      Why don’t you openly vote for the candidate that you’re by proxy supporting anyways? Save the smoke and mirrors.

  • Ray Turley

    Brittany you are AWESOME! You articulated exactly what I have been saying in so many ways to tell Trump supporters they are being deceived. I for one cannot vote for either Trump nor Hillary due to my religious convictions against supporting evil. However if God chooses to allow Hillary as POTUS I will feel far less concerned than if it were Trump for the very reasons you state and more. Hillary will be nothing less than a disaster without a doubt but there is a greater chance our Republic will survive under her than Trump.

    I am as you are but it took me longer to get there than it did you and truthfully your dad sounds like a great father. We are now in a baptism by fire and the choice of the frying pan or the fire is well underway to the detriment of the American people. Thanks for your voice and your contribution. May God save our Republic but I am unclear he will as we as a nation are unworthy of his intervention.

  • RioSam

    You, Pounders, are a seditionist. You would vote for Clinton, the one that will anoint a Liberal Majority SCOTUS resulting in the destruction of our Republic that our founding fathers fought so hard and diligently to give to us? You would be complicit in the facilitating the agenda that would put our country on the path to Communism! The Oath of Allegiance to this country means nothing to you, Does it??

    • Nancy

      More Trumptard bullying and BS. You better get it through your thick skulls never means never and you can’t put him in the WH without us as much as you would like to think you can. We will back Cruz to the end and the blame will fall on the Trumptards for Hillary getting in the WH. At least she is the devil we know. Trump is a loose canon and doesn’t know shit. #NEVERTRUMP #NEVERHILLARY #WRITEINCRUZ.

      • Henrya Agueros

        No Nancy…The “Blame”is on people who collaborating with the so called “conservatives”…who hate Trump much more than they love the United States. Be honest with yourself!

        • Ray Turley

          Those who do their homework will never support Trump….EVER! He is not a moral man and cannot ever be allowed anywhere near real power. And if that means a Hillary POTUS than so be it. This is essentially what the article says….

          • Henrya Agueros

            “If Hillary is elected…so be it.”….You so called “Conservatives”nothing more than useful Idiots. The American people have made thier decision on who WE want as our Candidate… cheat us out of that decision and the reaction will NOT be nice!

          • Peggi

            You are certainly not ALL of the American people and should Trump get the nomination, you will find out in November that you are not even close to the majority of the American people. You are not even the majority of Republicans. If you really cared about beating Hillary you would have voted for someone other than Trump… but hey, you wanted Trump as the candidate, you will probably get him. As far as the reaction not being nice if you don’t get him, that wouldn’t surprise me any. I haven’t seen anything about Trump or his supporters that would be mistaken for nice!

          • Lisa Zirkle

            There are plenty of people who voted for someone other than Trump, but now it’s time to band together with Trump, who is the only chance we have (slim as some see it ) to defeat the leftist agenda or at least hold it at bay. But all this anger over Trump is going to sideline us again if we cannot stand together against those who will definitely, no question, absolutely put someone(s) on the supreme court who will finish off the Constitution. There is no doubt this will happen if Hillary gains office.

          • Nancy Clark

            VERY TRUE….BUT….as much as the thug LIED and did a despicable character assault on Ted Cruz….who is to say the thug wont put in a liberal SCOTUS…like his liberal SISTER.
            NEVER forget Trump and Hillary are COUSINS from the SAME Illuminati 13th tribe synagogue of satan bloodline!!!

          • Lisa Zirkle

            Nancy, you could be right, but I hope and pray you’re not. LOL! Not laughing at you, but at the crazy situation we’re all in.

          • Daniel Haile Gherzgiher

            Seriously. Who would have been better than Trump in the primaries? Tell me.

          • gintapeople

            Ted Cruz. . . Or Scott Walker both Constitutionalist Conservatives, exactly what this country needs after 8 years of a leftist kook. That’s who would have been 100 times better than Trump, even on their worst day. Trump knows nothing about the Constitution, he never even mentions it which means he probably won’t follow it either. Another lawless Obama doing whatever the hell he feels like doing. Exactly what we don’t need.

          • ak123

            Those leftist Kooks let you take aware more in taxes than you pay. Before calling people leftists, are you gonna turn over some of your social security benefits, those that you didn’t really pay for, back over to the US treasury?

          • Nancy Clark


          • Daniel Haile Gherzgiher

            Damn right!

          • gintapeople

            Trump ended up with approx. 38% to 40% of the Republican primary vote, which means approx. 60% voted for someone other than Trump, which means that the American people have not made their decision. If Trump’s not the nominee DEAL WITH IT. You punks can’t bully your way to the whitehouse. The Republican establishment runs the party and make their own rules. Trump may fool a bunch of fools but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to be fooled, fool.

          • gotwood4sale



            Priebus Trump 2016!


          • Rommsey

            lol a plurality of people now speaks for the Majority. This is not Canadian Politics and a first-past-the-post election. This is a republic. You “the People” are a fringe and ill-informed group.

          • IllinoisPatriot

            No one is cheating you out of anything. Trump IS your candidate – by crooked means and ignoring the rules of the RNC both he and the RNC leadership were sworn to uphold.

            Now that you have your candidate it is up to YOU and HIM to convince others to vote for him (if you can).

            Me – I’m #NeverTrump/#NeverHillary and also #DoneWithGOP, so you won’t get my vote.

          • Peoriaboy

            We welcome it just bring it on.

          • Henrya Agueros

            You are so silly!

        • Lisa Zirkle

          I think Nancy may be beyond listening. I really hope that’s not true, but devolving to name calling is never a good sign that reason is involved. And no, I don’t like that aspect of Trump. Not at all. But at this point, he’s all we’ve got. Ted Cruz can never win a write-in campaign.

        • IllinoisPatriot

          There ARE a lot of “so-called conservatives”. Mostly those that have thrown away their principles and endorsed the orange megalomaniac.

          True conservatives stand on their principles and will continue to defend the US Constitution, our rule of law, our system of blind justice (blind to skin color and wealth and sexual preference), and most importantly we will defend our God and our freedom to worship him as we choose.

          We will support those that do the same such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

          You can see to point as many fingers as you wish, but we all know that when one points a finger, there are three pointing back at themself.


      • Lisa Zirkle

        This kind of blindness is frightening.

        • IllinoisPatriot

          Not nearly as frightening as the Trumpkins display.

          It’s not blindness either – it’s a rational decision that I made near the start of the primaries.
          I’m done with the GOP liberal establishment and Trump has always been deranged and exhibiting behavior that can only be explained by insanity.


          • Lisa Zirkle

            So you are willing to usher in a third term of the Obama agenda. That’s all I conclude from what you’re saying.