5 Ways A President Trump Can Alleviate My Fears As A Conservative

5 Ways A President Trump Can Alleviate My Fears As A Conservative Image

As a conservative, I did something for the first time in the 2016 election: Vote third party. From day one, I was a Ted Cruz supporter and very disappointed when he had to suspend his campaign. I didn’t want to have to go third party in the general election, but felt I had no other choice with the two main candidates we were stuck with. I’m only 26 years old and am not afraid to vote third party again if I feel I have to. I vote for conservatives, not just anyone who just has an “R” next to their name.

But now that President-Elect Trump will be taking office on January 20th, here are my top five concerns I have with him.

1) Defunding Abortion

Trump has gone on the record during the campaign as saying Planned Parenthood does “many wonderful things” other than abortion. However Planned Parenthood is primarily known for performing abortions and they certainly don’t need my tax payer dollars. My fear is that if he sees “many wonderful things” in the organization, that he won’t have the incentive to want to defund it. He needs to realize abortion makes up much more than the “three percent” of what Planned Parenthood does, a stat many liberals falsely cite. I hope Trump does follow through in the movement to defund it, although that will remain to be seen.

2) Using Crony Capitalism

While I am happy for those that had their Carrier jobs saved in Indiana, the end does not justify the means. As conservatives, we cannot support corporate welfare and more government involvement to grow jobs. However a great statement Trump has made for instance was his intent to reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. This is different from crony capitalism, as it gives a balanced playing field and more incentive for companies to stay in America without choosing winners and losers. Unfortunately, this latest case of Carrier was another example of a government deal to persuade them from moving to Mexico. In other words, it was crony capitalism. Plus, if Trump keeps threatening to place tariffs on any company that wants to leave, more and more companies will have the incentive to falsely threaten to leave in the hopes of more government intervention in stay in America. Threatening to place more tariffs, which will end up hurting the American taxpayer, and more government intervention is not the conservative solution to large job growth.

3) Being Close To Russia

I haven’t found Trump ever criticize Russia yet. Ronald Reagan famously called them an “evil empire” and more recently Mitt Romney correctly cited Russia as one of our greatest threats in the 2012 presidential debate. So why won’t Trump? Reagan dealt with the Soviet Union, but he at least recognized the evil at the same time.

And on Sunday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity deleted a tweet, in which he says “agreed” in response to another twitter user wanting to “Make Russia Great Again.”

This unfortunately is the view of Trump and too many of his supporters. In response to those that say Reagan did business with Russia, the difference is he also recognized what evil they were.

4) Gun Control

Trump has previously held many different views on the right to bear arms. While it is always possible for people to change and convert, it is a difference when we’ve seen Trump flip flop as many times as he has. He also admitted to supporting the federal “assault weapons” ban of 1994 and wanting longer waiting periods to purchase guns. He now says he’s more pro-gun, but that will remain to be seen in the next four years.

5) Climate Change

As he has flip flopped on many other statements, Trump now says he is keeping an “open mind” to the Paris climate change treaty, after previously stating he would cancel it. It is mindboggling that the same President-Elect that called climate change a hoax invented by the Chinese is now so open to this horrendous deal.

It is evident that, while I do wish Trump the best of luck, his flip flops concern me. He tends to support sensationalism over principles, and with a long record of saying whatever will get attention, he will tend to say whatever is on his mind. Ever since his election win, I have said I’m “cautiously optimistic” with this new administration, because he has made some good nominee choices, such as Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy, Tom Price for HHS and Scott Pruitt for the EPA. However, it also concerns me when he says he “knows more than the generals”, an echo of Obama thinking he also knew more than his advisors.

I can at least hope that Trump will follow through with some of his claims and made some good choices for his cabinet, but it remains to be seen how much he will follow through on his promises. While I don’t want to spend the next four years always complaining, I won’t be afraid to criticize Trump when he makes horrible mistakes and bad choices. All we can do is pray to God that He will guide him and hope for the best.

About The Author: Mitch Behna is a Tea Party, Constitutional Conservative who has written for various websites. He currently lives in Springfield, Illinois and can be followed on facebook and twitter @MitchBehna.