Take Back Our Mouthpieces: A Return To Intelligent Conservatism

Take Back Our Mouthpieces: A Return To Intelligent Conservatism Image

I’ve been as guilty as any of them.  Eight years of Obama turned me into an angry conservative intent on slaying liberal dragons through tasteless methods and angry rants.  I might have been uncomfortable with the “libtard” language and while I never bought into ridiculous notions like the birther movement, I never shut it down either.

There is no denying that I’ve often been in the wrong with the approach that my platform has allowed me and watching some of my counterparts in conservative media echo much of what I often partook now makes me cringe- angry at myself that I didn’t have the foresight to see what this would lead to.

My motivation was to stir and activate conservatives.  And we did.  But the result from outlets like talk radio, conservative talking heads on tv, and social media created a lot of ideological anger without offering real life governing solutions.  And in doing so, we were setting ourselves up for a fall.  Our audiences echoed us.  Outraged and angry.  Ready to set fire to the building but forgetting we still live there.  Reacting to legitimate policy problems with nothing but anger based solely on ideology and ready to do anything to appease our emotions-even if it meant to cut off our nose to spite our face.

This inevitably paved the way for the new era of “conservatism.”  One that felt way too comfortable partnering up with bigotry, misogyny, racism.  Also, one that was heartrendingly accepting of moral relativism.  We sold all virtuous fortitude to scratch an itch created by eight years of Obama on one side and hawkish conservative profiteers on the other hand.  Profiteers who were “nobodies” without an outraged following.

Suddenly we were at a stand off.  Those of us who hadn’t forgotten who we are and what we stand for drew a line and refused to go with the herd.  The new Republican Golden Calf came in the form of a bloated, crude, and obvious (to us) conman intent on furthering his brand and feeding his narcissism.   One that was ideally suited to partner with this new acrimonious political landscape fueled largely by rants and tirades and very little with realistic and effective governing.

Lines were drawn and for many of us we saw clearly for the first time what had become of the conservative industry and we knew we had to make changes.  Personal changes in how we operated our individual platforms.  Legitimate righteous indignation looking for conservative political solutions had been replaced with fury.  And only fury.

Others saw floating coattails that they could attach themselves in their bids for more prestige, more power, more fame.  They saw the problem and I can assure you from many personal conversations that most knew that this new direction was dangerous, unsubstantive, and quite frankly, embarrassing… but the need for attention, ratings, and popularity can be addictive and frightening.  I’ve seen it destroy the integrity of people I once admired and deeply respected in conservative media circles.

And suddenly, the more crude, the more rude and obscene, the more shocking you were- the more applause you got, giving birth to some of the more famous pundit gutterbugs that we suffer from today.   Characters like Milo and Tomi Lahren, and a reintroduction to what became the newer lower bred alter egos that are now Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity, to name a few.

Milo and Tomi, both shock jocks who have risen to fame with bitter, shallow rants that strike at the heart of an angry electorate.  They have been successful in nailing some of our more emotional responses to certain issues and thus we allowed them to take over certain media platforms without understanding who they are and what they really stand for on pertinent issues like….oh, pedophilia and pederasty.

We mocked Obama for eight years for being a teleprompter president—and then these same people lauded a pretty young girl who brags she doesn’t read books, has been out of high school less time than I’ve owned my favorite pair of shoes, and can read an angry rant off of a… teleprompter, no less.  And thus handing the heady responsibility of a conservative spokesperson over to a woman-child who …like, totally, is just speaking “her truth”… not THE truth, her truth.  And that…like, totally, changes depending on the audience and what her applause meter is reading at the moment.  She’s a fame climber.  An opportunist who has used you, the conservative listeners who invested in her day after day as she constantly updated us on how many views her latest clip got, to climb for bigger and better mainstream audiences that do not include the cornerstones of constitutional conservative values.

We have lost the ability to have a reasonable discussion and respectful debate and have lowered our standards out of anger.  Hissy fits do not change hearts and influence minds.

Stop turning these shock jocks into political celebrities.  Stop putting them on pedestals and turning into fawning fan girls over their latest harangue.  Demand more out of those who claim to speak on behalf of conservatism.

Let’s have a return to thoughtful and intelligent conservatism.  One that we can be proud of and doesn’t consist entirely of bombastic tirades and blustering diatribes.  Constitutional conservatism deserves a responsible deliberation – one that compels and inspires dialogue and long-term change that doesn’t snap back in angry response in four years.  One that emboldens the thinkers instead of the reactors.  One that offers a thoughtful alternative instead of a muttering “snowflake!” response.  Believe it or not, many on the other side of the aisle are good people with a different viewpoint.  And many times they’ve never even been exposed to what conservatives believe on a policy by policy viewpoint.

We’ve destroyed opportunities to effect conservative change in so many circles, not because we don’t have a valuable message that will resonate if delivered properly, but because we’ve given the mouthpieces over to some of the loudest and least thoughtful among us.  Take them back.   How about a little less Howard Stern and a lot more William Buckley?

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About The Author: Brittany Pounders is a conservative political commentator, blogger, and freelancer. She is a frequent guest columnist for The Toronto Sun, and can be heard through many different radio and media outlets such as The Blaze Radio Network, The Chris Salcedo Show, The Ed Dean Radio Show, has appeared on The Glenn Beck Show and regularly on cable news channels, including NewsmaxTv, One America News Network, America Trends, and the Fox News with Neil Cavuto. She resides in Texas with her husband and is raising three of the finest little people in the world. Follow her on… Facebook or @LibertyBritt

  • Servelan

    When I see people like CharlesHouston talk about opposing [everything, because that’s pretty much what Republicans did to Obama] being not enough, as a patriotic liberal, I’d like to know why there’s no mention of talking to us. It’s not enough to talk among yourselves, folks, you aren’t the only people in the room.

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  • CharlesHouston

    As a conservative, a patriot, a Christian, a 27 year veteran of the USAF… Ms Pounders is spot on here.

    I did not vote for President Obama and shuddered when he had programs like his Stimulus. The economy recovered mostly in spite of him. He made a lot mistakes in the foreign policy/military field – his Red Line in Syria comes to mind.

    As Ms Pounders show us – just opposing something is NOT enough. We need to have plans that work better than the ones we oppose. Donald boasted and bragged about how his plans were going to be so much better but never had plans at all.

    This useless wall and infrastructure program is much worse than the Obama stimulus – he had a plan that we could debate. Donald has nothing. Donald’s plans are to spend freely and hope that something happens – we know that his boast about Mexico paying for a wall is nonsense. I am a financial conservative and know that Donald’s free spending will drive up the debt enormously – we can’t pay for a trillion dollar infrastructure program by cutting some silly art program.

    I fear that the party of Lincoln has become the party of Steve Bannon – a self described Leninist. I fought against the heirs of Lenin, Marx, Engels, Stalin, etc for decades and am not willing to hand over this country to people who idolize them.

    People that I used to admire have shown that they are not Christian at all – they are Philistines. They lust for power and willingly trade decency for power.

  • Kim H. Carrell

    Please. You didn’t suffer one single disadvantage or detriment under Obama. Not one damn thing changed for you other than you, in your insular white privilege world, having to deal with a black man as President. And you don’t have the courage or the honesty to admit that.
    As far as your mourning the loss of “real” conservative voices is concerned – just how thick are you? After decades of Limbaugh and his bastard offspring having free reign to spout lies in order to gin up as much hate as possible, you brought this on yourselves. Enjoy dealing with monsters you created. The rest of us – who still believe in our country – are going to fight to fix what your monsters don’t burn down.

    • Hugh Mannity

      Thanks for the smile with your diatribe of drivel. I thought Obama was 1/2 white, so, she, and the rest of America, suffered under a white president just as much, right? Oops! And the fact that you support the destruction he brought to this country speaks volumes of your disdain for both America and the freedoms it brings (with emphasis on freedoms).

      As far as “Limbaugh and his bastard offspring having free reign to spout lies”, people like you often toss out those comments while not only being unable to point to any specific things Limbaugh, or Levin for instance, have said, you simultaneously ignore the constant bombardment of “mainstream media” hitting us with proven lies.

      So, continue to cry, complain, and insult. Coming after the end of a good article that was factual and honest, your attacks simply show that @libertybritt was right in what she wrote and you can’t stand it that your losses continue unabated as more people wake up to the reality of the dead end that is liberalism.

      Have a nice day.

      • Susan Eaton

        Lets face it: conservatives are all fake christians who “pretend” to follow God’s teachings but in reality, they are bigoted hacks who spend more time telling other people how to live, than actually living “Christian” lives themselves. I agree with the tone of this article but you sir a fucking idiot!

        • dianeInFV

          ^^^ there you go, that’s exactly the attitude that caused the left to lose a tremendous amount of seats, both federal and state, over the past 8 years – and the Presidential election.

          • edgyone

            I don’t even care anymore. You people can vote to let corporationa poison everything since the pain will mostly be felt in the fly over states where you suckers live it won’t affect my life. I’ll still live in a nice part of elitist rich America you despise because most of you can’t afford to live there.

      • edgyone

        Name one Obama policy that you “personally suffered” and one