TX Judge Wants Women To Get Their Abortion In Any House of Horror Without Restrictions Thumbnail

Liberals have already proven that they want unlimited, unregulated, and unrestricted abortions no matter the cost to the women involved.  They love abortion clinics and they even love the filthy abortion clinics.  In fact, they'd be satisfied if the local vet clinics could also be used as an abortion facility in the off hours...although, in [...]

6 Questions For Hypocritical, Non-Thinking Texas Liberals Salivating Over Silly Perry Indictment Thumbnail

The Perry indictment is the act of a desperate party seeking to regain some sense of relevance and attention in a state that remains deeply red and this Texas girl not only has some strong opinions on the subject, I also have some questions for the few non-thinking Democrats who aren't smart enough to cringe [...]

Iowa Race Is One To Watch: Female Underdog VS Smug, Big Govt, Obama Supporting Lawyer Thumbnail

The breathtaking question we are waiting to see answered is.... Will Iowa make history and elect it's first female to a statewide position?  America loves a good underdog story.  A story that reflects a victor despite all of the odds being stacked against them and it's even more salacious when that underdog is a woman [...]

Wake Up, Black America: It’s Black and White About Content of Character, Not Race! Thumbnail

With another two years left until President Obama’s tenure concludes, Americans are finally realizing how much an abysmal failure his leadership has been for the nation and the world. A blistering CNN poll finds, by a 9 percent margin, Americans are remorseful they hadn’t cast their votes for former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But what [...]

At $140 A Day Per Person, Illegal Aliens Are Living Better Than Taxpayers Footin’ The Bill Thumbnail

There are so many tangled layers of problems involved in this illegal immigration crisis.  We are hemorrhaging and nothing is being done to staunch the flow.  Eventually this country will bleed out and we will have no one to blame but ourselves and the do-nothings that we continue to elect to Washington DC. As being [...]

Hell Just Froze Over: The View Panel Agrees That Women Should Have a Gun Thumbnail

I guess liberals are finally waking up to the fact that giving women the one self-defense option of simply peeing or puking on their attacker didn't come back with resounding popularity numbers.  I mean...what if I hadn't eaten anything that day or happened to be a bit dehydrated?  I guess I'd be out of luck. [...]

Israel, Hamas, And The Hateful Tweets From The Most ‘Peaceful Religion’ On Earth (Beware Language) Thumbnail

I have a particular affection for Israel and her people.  My heart has ached and been heavy as I have watched them suffer attack after attack for many years- but never more so than in recent days.  I've been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit Israel multiple times while growing up and [...]

DNC Silent When It Comes To Their Democrat Scum-Refuses To Denounce Mike Dickinson Thumbnail

Unless you've lived under a rock you've heard of Mike Dickinson and his offer of $100,000 to anyone who has nude photos or videos of Kendall Jones, the cheerleader/hunter from Texas Tech.  As someone who is on twitter all the time, I've been watching this joker, Mike Dickinson for awhile now and my thoughts have [...]

Liberals Can’t Win On Facts So Attempt Hysteria By Warning ‘They Are Coming For Your Birth Control!’ Thumbnail

I have never seen so many self-professed "progressive intellectuals" actually screw up so many easily obtained facts as I have over the last week.  I refrained from writing or commenting too much on the Hobby Lobby/religious freedom win last week because I just wanted to sit back and absorb the reaction from both the left [...]

Dumb ‘Em Down: Liberals Protect Abortions By Waging War On Information Thumbnail

If there isn't any real news out and I'm bored I will head on over to the Huffington Post for my fill of daily liberal fodder.  Today, the headline was "Missouri Governor Vetoes 'Extreme And Disrespectful' Anti-Abortion Bill."  Hmmmm....extreme and disrespectful, this I could not miss!  I knew before clicking on it that it would be [...]

7 Ways To Raise A Whiny Victim Who Votes Liberal For The Rest Of Their Life Thumbnail

I deal with the best and worst of humanity through politics on a daily basis.  And admittedly, it isn't out of bounds to see those two cross party lines on occasion.  But, I never have to shield my emails or my twitter page from my children when it comes to conservatives -even those who vehemently [...]

Texas Man Told To Remove Old Glory As It Was ‘Threat To Muslim Community’ Thumbnail

Most Americans, regardless of your race, creed, religion, or background wouldn't take a look at Old Glory and feel at all threatened.  In fact, most people who come to the United States have done so because of the liberties that that beautiful symbol stands for.  It is a memorial dripping with the blood of patriots who have risked [...]

Silly Hillary: The Gaffes, The Book Bomb, And The Mocking That Ensued Thumbnail

If Hillary supporters were expecting a grand and exciting campaign entrance, heralded by the release of her new book "Hard Choices," they were faced with some sore surprises.  And, if Hillary was expecting a coronation to her upcoming presidency to take place without a hitch, both have been in for a great number of disappointments [...]

One Of The 5 Terrorists Released Had A 9/11 Role

One Of The 5 Terrorists Released Had A 9/11 Role Thumbnail

If you didn't exactly have the same warm and fuzzy feeling about trading five terrorists for an American deserter, then I recommend you stop reading.  Newly released information about one of the released terrorists might send you over the edge! One of the five senior Taliban leaders transferred to Qatar in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl [...]

Vulgar And X-Rated Sex Ed: What Would You Do If These Pictures Were Shown To Your 8th Grader? Thumbnail

Warning: Even though this material was presented to a class of 8th graders as completely appropriate, let me be the first to say...continue reading at your own peril, it gets...well, it just gets a little graphic and outrageously gross. It's stories like this that solidify to me as a parent that I will never trust [...]

7 Heartstopping Indications That We Traded Five POS Terrorists for One American POS Thumbnail

If the Obama administration made this terrible and far reaching consequential decision so as to distract from the VA scandal, may I suggest that he fire his PR team?  This story is growing with more absurdities by the minute.  Everything that could possibly be a negative about this situation-- well, it's been a negative.  In [...]

Bleeding Hearts But Closed Wallets: Liberals And Their Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Defense of Abortion Thumbnail

Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night after having been asleep for several hours with a thought that is plastered to my brain.  It wrestles and fights with my sub conscience and I know I will lay awake talking to myself until I reach I over to my nightstand and start [...]

Watch (Grab a Tissue): Marine Gives Sister The Surprise of Her Life On Her Wedding Day Thumbnail

I'm a cold-hearted beast...or so I'm regularly told.  But, the reaction that this young lady has when she sees her United States Marine brother (and her best friend) on her wedding day is enough to make anyone grab a tissue.   Sarah Atwood was told by her brother, Daniel, that he wasn't going to be to [...]

CA Mayor Tells Bullying Victims Of Our Sissy Nation To ‘Grow A Pair’- And I Agree! Thumbnail

On a rare occasion, California will spit out something wonderful and worthwhile- just like this little jewel.  In fact, with the response that California is giving this Mayor, I want to personally extend an invitation for him to relocate to Texas.  We like common sense guys just like this. California Mayor, Cameron Hamilton, is telling [...]

Why Is Texas Media Largely Silent On Democrat Rep Ron Reynolds’ 10 Felony Indictments? Thumbnail

UPDATE:  You can click here to see the Press Release based upon this column. It's not often that I choose to highlight a local story as my attention is usually more focused on a national and broader state level.  However, the more I've peeled back the layers on a particular Texas Democrat State Representative the [...]

Schools Gone Wild: Father Arrested For Protesting Pornographic Assigned Reading Material Thumbnail

I've always said that nothing will cease to amaze me.  I feel like I've heard it all and I've seen it all.  And yet, a video like this will come across my computer screen and without fail my blood pressure spikes and I feel enraged and infuriated by the out of control government we have [...]

National Democrats Officially Give A Late Term Abortion To Wendy Davis Campaign Thumbnail

I had a good feeling from the moment that Wendy Davis stepped foot upon the "governor scene" that it would eventually be followed by a giant case of buyer's remorse by the Democrat party.  The radical left was so caught up in the excitement of catheters, tampon earrings, hangers, "sluts vote" pins, and tax payer [...]

Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains!

Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains! Thumbnail

If you know me, I am no feminist.  In fact, that very word crawling through my brain as I type it causes me to wrinkle my nose in disgust.  Nor will I ever try to stuff myself into the "Feminist Box" by trying to somehow identify myself publicly with their so called "strength" -while simultaneously [...]

Giant Hypocrisy: Obama, EPA Chief, And Earth Day

Giant Hypocrisy: Obama, EPA Chief, And Earth Day Thumbnail

Liberals live in a world of do as I say, not as I do.  This in regards to how they eat, how they give to charity, how they pay their taxes, and on down to the size of their carbon footprint.  They live in a media protected bubble that never shines the spotlight on the [...]

The Nevada Ranch War

The Nevada Ranch War Thumbnail

I followed the Cliven Bundy vs. the Bureau of Land Management ranch war all last week up until the (thankfully) peaceful, but temporary ending over the weekend.  I say "temporary ending" because it is not likely that the BLM is going to simply forget the whole issue and leave the Bundy family alone, emboldened and [...]

Wage Gap Myth: Lib’s Latest Attempt To Turn Women Into ‘Victims For Votes’ Thumbnail

Without an overflowing bucketful of victims, Progressives have no audience or voting base.  Liberals use minorities shamefully- with decades and decades worth of "control" skillfully hidden under the guise of "charity".  Democrats use different classes to stir up envy, creating groups of people who feel that they are "owed something" just for being alive.  And just [...]