Vulgar And X-Rated Sex Ed: What Would You Do If These Pictures Were Shown To Your 8th Grader? Thumbnail

Warning: Even though this material was presented to a class of 8th graders as completely appropriate, let me be the first to say...continue reading at your own peril, it gets...well, it just gets a little graphic and outrageously gross. It's stories like this that solidify to me as a parent that I will never trust [...]

7 Heartstopping Indications That We Traded Five POS Terrorists for One American POS Thumbnail

If the Obama administration made this terrible and far reaching consequential decision so as to distract from the VA scandal, may I suggest that he fire his PR team?  This story is growing with more absurdities by the minute.  Everything that could possibly be a negative about this situation-- well, it's been a negative.  In [...]

Bleeding Hearts But Closed Wallets: Liberals And Their Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Defense of Abortion Thumbnail

Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night after having been asleep for several hours with a thought that is plastered to my brain.  It wrestles and fights with my sub conscience and I know I will lay awake talking to myself until I reach I over to my nightstand and start [...]

Watch (Grab a Tissue): Marine Gives Sister The Surprise of Her Life On Her Wedding Day Thumbnail

I'm a cold-hearted beast...or so I'm regularly told.  But, the reaction that this young lady has when she sees her United States Marine brother (and her best friend) on her wedding day is enough to make anyone grab a tissue.   Sarah Atwood was told by her brother, Daniel, that he wasn't going to be to [...]

CA Mayor Tells Bullying Victims Of Our Sissy Nation To ‘Grow A Pair’- And I Agree! Thumbnail

On a rare occasion, California will spit out something wonderful and worthwhile- just like this little jewel.  In fact, with the response that California is giving this Mayor, I want to personally extend an invitation for him to relocate to Texas.  We like common sense guys just like this. California Mayor, Cameron Hamilton, is telling [...]

Why Is Texas Media Largely Silent On Democrat Rep Ron Reynolds’ 10 Felony Indictments? Thumbnail

UPDATE:  You can click here to see the Press Release based upon this column. It's not often that I choose to highlight a local story as my attention is usually more focused on a national and broader state level.  However, the more I've peeled back the layers on a particular Texas Democrat State Representative the [...]

Schools Gone Wild: Father Arrested For Protesting Pornographic Assigned Reading Material Thumbnail

I've always said that nothing will cease to amaze me.  I feel like I've heard it all and I've seen it all.  And yet, a video like this will come across my computer screen and without fail my blood pressure spikes and I feel enraged and infuriated by the out of control government we have [...]

National Democrats Officially Give A Late Term Abortion To Wendy Davis Campaign Thumbnail

I had a good feeling from the moment that Wendy Davis stepped foot upon the "governor scene" that it would eventually be followed by a giant case of buyer's remorse by the Democrat party.  The radical left was so caught up in the excitement of catheters, tampon earrings, hangers, "sluts vote" pins, and tax payer [...]

Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains!

Bearded Feminazis vs Bras, Backbones, and Brains! Thumbnail

If you know me, I am no feminist.  In fact, that very word crawling through my brain as I type it causes me to wrinkle my nose in disgust.  Nor will I ever try to stuff myself into the "Feminist Box" by trying to somehow identify myself publicly with their so called "strength" -while simultaneously [...]

Giant Hypocrisy: Obama, EPA Chief, And Earth Day

Giant Hypocrisy: Obama, EPA Chief, And Earth Day Thumbnail

Liberals live in a world of do as I say, not as I do.  This in regards to how they eat, how they give to charity, how they pay their taxes, and on down to the size of their carbon footprint.  They live in a media protected bubble that never shines the spotlight on the [...]

The Nevada Ranch War

The Nevada Ranch War Thumbnail

I followed the Cliven Bundy vs. the Bureau of Land Management ranch war all last week up until the (thankfully) peaceful, but temporary ending over the weekend.  I say "temporary ending" because it is not likely that the BLM is going to simply forget the whole issue and leave the Bundy family alone, emboldened and [...]

Wage Gap Myth: Lib’s Latest Attempt To Turn Women Into ‘Victims For Votes’ Thumbnail

Without an overflowing bucketful of victims, Progressives have no audience or voting base.  Liberals use minorities shamefully- with decades and decades worth of "control" skillfully hidden under the guise of "charity".  Democrats use different classes to stir up envy, creating groups of people who feel that they are "owed something" just for being alive.  And just [...]

Christians: The Pathetically Shameful Silent Majority

Christians: The Pathetically Shameful Silent Majority Thumbnail

I'm often an observer of the some of the greatest ire in modern day politics.  Primarily a front row seat to a block of people who are quite active in regards to their opinions but utterly worthless when it matters: Christians.  And there has been nothing short of outrage, as well there should be, at the potential [...]

2016 Crisis: Hillary’s ‘Stand By Your Scum’ Clashes With the Dem’s ‘War On Women’ Thumbnail

I was a young girl when President Bill Clinton and the "blue dress" became an international phenomenon and, more importantly, a national embarrassment of historical proportions.  The nightly news suddenly became as clandestine to my parents as the Playboy channel.  When I walked in, they flipped it off or shooed me out of the room.  [...]

Obama Vows To Veto Law That Requires Him To Follow The Law He Pressured Congress To Pass Thumbnail

Obama wholeheartedly supported the Obamacare bill and used every ounce of pressure possible to ensure it passed: procedural maneuvering (reconciliation), pork (bribes), lies (if you like your plan/doctor...) and all-out demagoguery.  He really, really wanted Obamacare to pass!  So why is Obama is promising to veto a law that would require him to follow the [...]

Brats Gone Wild! New Jersey Girl Sues Parents For $650/week

Brats Gone Wild! New Jersey Girl Sues Parents For $650/week Thumbnail

This is one of those stories that I couldn't help but comment on.  It outrageously puts into perfect alliteration the disease of entitlement affecting our nation's young people.  On one hand, it's such a disgusting reflection of narcissistic behavior and yet, on the other hand, you have to sit back and acknowledge with a shrug [...]

The Real And Dirty Facts On The ‘War On Women’

The Real And Dirty Facts On The ‘War On Women’ Thumbnail

Desperate Democrats are doing their best to revive the tired anthem chants that Republican's are waging a 'war on women.' Because while it's a dying theme with much of the public who are beginning to send that card back as "expired" there is still a portion of the ill informed population that eats it up.  [...]

Engaging Young America: Rand Paul And His Big Tent

Engaging Young America: Rand Paul And His Big Tent Thumbnail

Rand Paul has become an expert at walking a tightrope.  He has had to distance himself from his dad's far more radical ideas and opinions so as not to put off mainstream Republicans and he has had to do that without losing his own conservative/libertarian stances that are far heavier on social justice than the more [...]

BREAKING! Battleground Texas Caught Cheating Gathering Illegal Voter Data Thumbnail

If you've worked or been involved in any elections from the different aspects that I have, nothing will shock you.  However, I still never cease to be amazed at the low down dirty tactics that Democrats play at each and every election.  Thanks to Project Veritas we have a new breaking video that shows Texas [...]

Would I Ever Vote Pro-Choice To ‘Save’ The Economy? Never.

Would I Ever Vote Pro-Choice To ‘Save’ The Economy? Never. Thumbnail

I've been asked several times recently, a couple of them on the radio in round-a-bout ways, if I agreed that the social matters in our nation needed to take a backseat to what others feel is a more important and crucial issue in our country-- the economy.  I would largely agree that many of the [...]

Republicans Getting Spanked By Democrats In Ground Game Fight

Republicans Getting Spanked By Democrats In Ground Game Fight Thumbnail

Let's have a moment of dirty, honest reality.  The quicker we can recognize our faults, the faster we can rectify them.  If there is one gigantic lesson that came out of the 2012 presidential election it is that Republicans are stuck in the past.  We have a ground game that is largely ineffective and antiquated.  [...]

Dana Loesch Co-Host The View, Moms Demand Action Throws Tantrum

Dana Loesch Co-Host The View, Moms Demand Action Throws Tantrum Thumbnail

The ironic name for a daytime talk show that would lead one to believe it had a panel that represented a variety of views - especially regarding political topics.  And, yet, The View has always been notorious for vehemently supporting one view- a hard, left wing, extremist slant on every political topic.  Yes, they had [...]

BREAKING: Wendy Davis Campaign Caught On Video Mocking Wheelchair Bound Abbott! Thumbnail

Abortion Barbie can't seem to stay away from all sorts of controversy these days.  When she's not saying utterly stupid things such as, "My education plan is dynamic and will take on ideas as a ship takes on water" (somebody please get her a copy of the Titanic so she can see how that ends)...  [...]

The Wendy Davis Life Story That – Wasn’t

The Wendy Davis Life Story That – Wasn’t Thumbnail

Wendy Davis - did anyone outside the Texas legislature and her state senate district even know who she was before her filibuster stunt last year?  Not really, but that was all it took to boost her political profile enough to where she felt like she was ready for the big leagues. While fighting to keep [...]

Sheila Jackson Lee Proposes Changing Term ‘Welfare’ To ‘Living Fund’ Thumbnail

Texas' biggest embarrassment, Sheila Jackson Lee, is back and this time taking on an absolutely crucial agenda item.  No, it isn't the budget or the debt that is crushing our nation, it isn't terrorism, it isn't education...No, none of that.  This crucial line item happens to be a particular wrestling of words designed to remove the stigma of [...]

A&E List of Advertisers: Hit the Network Where it Hurts-The Wallet! Thumbnail

I went to bed mad and I woke up still fuming at this culture of cry babies who throw tantrums when they hear someone else dare stand for the courage of their conviction and it happens to differ from theirs.  Especially when it comes from the party of the left-- the self proclaimed "tolerant party."  [...]