Looking For Someone To Blame: Reince Had One Job And He Blew It Thumbnail

Reince Preibus is a man hellbent on finding somebody to blame when this political disaster of an election year is over.  Reince had an easy job.  Keep the carpets clean and clear for just about any man or woman to win our nomination and wipe out the weakest and most damaged candidate that the Democrats [...]

Political Tantrums: Whiny Conservatives Who Vow To Throw Their Vote Away Thumbnail

"Hmpph! If my candidate doesn't win then I'm NOT VOTING!"  When you are driven by 110% emotion and anger, who needs an ounce of logic and a second of research?  Pragmatism is so overrated to those who are driven by their passions instead of a reasonable thought process.  Such has been my recent experience with [...]

Huckabee and Santorum: Liberals Hiding Behind Skirts of Social Conservatism Thumbnail

Scrolling through my social media news feeds often makes me want to bang my head against my computer screen.  I don't know what's more painful...a group of people actually thinking Huckabee and Santorum are viable candidates, or so many well intentioned people full of passionate opinions but shockingly unwilling to even do a little research [...]

Lazy, Critical Christians: Too ‘Spiritual’ To Fight The Good Fight Thumbnail

I've recently noticed a circular trend among Christians to haughtily chastise those of us in the bloody political trenches as perhaps not having enough "spiritual" focus.  Ironically, I've noticed that those same politically apathetic people aren't exactly burning up their own cities and streets for Jesus. Admittedly, I'm a girl of deep passion and conviction.  [...]

Losing Elections: 5 Ways NOT To Behave During A Republican Primary Thumbnail

Tis' the season...the silly season...otherwise known as a Republican primary.  It's the time every few years where Republicans who generally get along with each other suddenly lose their minds.  Friends who have always been congenial face off through social media and the ugly comes out.  Everyone seems to pick their candidate early and rally around [...]

Cornell Dean Caught On Undercover Video Welcoming ISIS Guests

Cornell Dean Caught On Undercover Video Welcoming ISIS Guests Thumbnail

Folks, this will make you weep for America.  These are the elitist "thinkers" educating America's young people.  Thanks to James O'Keefe and his undercover videos we are able to shine a spotlight on today's American Idiot, Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido. A video sting operation shows Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, [...]

‘Let’s Move’ Director Coldly Dismisses 7 Yr Old Begging For Better School Lunches Thumbnail

Kids all over the country, including mine who are in middle school and elementary, are constantly gagging at what Michelle Obama (who is by the way and unelected official) has done to our lunch rooms.  Kids are leaving the cafeterias hungry-- not only because there isn't enough to fill them up- but because the only [...]

Going Viral: Black Middle Schooler “If Obama Loved America He’d Fight For Her!” Thumbnail

By now we've all heard the remarks made by Mayor Giuliani questioning Obama's love for America.  Obviously a blunt statement that has inflamed the masses, both denouncing his comments and defending them.  But it stirred the heart of one young man...a black middle schooler by the name of CJ Pearson who gave a stirring and [...]

VIDEO: Sheila Jackson Lee REFUSES To Say Who Paid For Grammy’s Trip Thumbnail

Taxpayers are slaving away at their jobs, oftentimes at more than two jobs, so that they can pay for our national security, roads, teachers, and....Sheila Jackson Lee's trip to LA for the 57th annual Grammy's.  SJL proudly wears the dunce title of Texas Greatest Embarrassment and apparently she feels that she is owed more than [...]

Protecting Life: Congressman Steps Up When GOP Women Won’t

Protecting Life: Congressman Steps Up When GOP Women Won’t Thumbnail

We were thrilled during this last election when Republicans ushered in a tidal wave of historic wins- mostly among women and minorities.  We fought the faux liberal "War on Women" and we won the battle of the ballot box.  It was exhilarating and we celebrated.  Our expectations were set and we finally had the army [...]

Caught on Video: Code Pink Morons Attempt To Arrest Henry Kissinger Thumbnail

Code Pink...sorry, just saying the name conjures up images of dirty, unkempt women in giant vagina suits which results in bile in the back of my throat.  There are fools born every minute and it seems that most of them turn into Code Pink protestors.  It's as if they can't make their point without first [...]

SHOCK: The Republican Women Who JUST Shut Down Pain Capable Unborn Child Abortion Bill Thumbnail

One of the greatest blows to the pro-life movement just came at the hands of two morally indecent Republican women.  A disgraceful charge against one of the best pieces of legislation, the HR 36 Bill, designed to protect life and ban abortions after 20 weeks under the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, was led [...]

Carly Fiorina: A Conservative Woman Destined For A Presidential Run? Thumbnail

Carly Fiorina is no stranger to politics.  Besides being known as the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, she is probably best known in political circles for taking on the unenviable task of running against ultra-liberal Senator Barbara Boxer in California in 2010.  And being that it was in ultra-liberal California, Boxer took home the win. [...]

She’s Back! Houston Mayor Annise Parker Now Demands Pastors Have No Right To Jury Trial Thumbnail

For those of you who naively thought the attacks on Houston area Pastors on behalf of Houston lesbian Mayor Annise Parker was over because they withdrew their subpoena of sermons, it's time to wake up once again and go to the defense of our faith based leaders.  Hell hath no fury like a lesbian mayor [...]

McCain’s Political War Machine Obliterates Conservatives From Lower Level State Seats Thumbnail

John McCain has always been more concerned with being politically expedient than being right. For too many years he’s enjoyed being the “wild card” that has the rest of the country wondering what side of the issue he’s going to land on next.  He’s forgotten how to make a rational decision based on fact and [...]

The Obama’s And Their Revulsion At Being Mistaken For One Of The ‘Little People’ Thumbnail

Unless you weren't paying attention last week, you know that the Obama's conducted an interview with PEOPLE magazine that had many of us reacting with an instant gag reflex.  We've always known that the Obama's have a little trouble with the truth, but this new tall tale spun by Michelle Obama in order to fit [...]

Obamacare: Proving Once Again That If It’s ‘Free’ You Can’t Afford It Thumbnail

This week my husband and I joined millions of Americans in receiving the news that our insurance premiums skyrocketed.  Over the last 12 months I've personally heard countless stories from across the nation of people who had been cancelled from their plans, dumped off the employer insurance rolls because they had been, reduced to part [...]

WATCH: Paraplegic Vet Gives Bride Surprise Of Her Life During First Dance Thumbnail

Okay, I'm known for my cold heart and dry eyes.  But, my eyes were leaking this weird wet stuff after watching this incredibly touching video.  Joey Johnson was in terrible motorcycle accident just four months after meeting the woman he would eventually marry, leaving him a paraplegic and stuck in a wheelchair.  But this Sergeant [...]

5 Historic, Ground Breaking Wins For Women and Minorities: Rejecting The Liberal Lies Thumbnail

I went to bed giddy and woke up giddy.  Conservatism had a fantastic night last night.  My phone was hot and my fingers were sore from all of the social media correspondence, texts, and emails of those who have worked as hard as I have to spread the Gospel of Conservatism over the last handful [...]

BREAKING! Mayor Annise Parker Withdraws Sermon Subpoenas

BREAKING! Mayor Annise Parker Withdraws Sermon Subpoenas Thumbnail

In the words of my 14 year old...Mayor Parker, you got SERVED!  With her cheek still smarting from the backhand of The Constitution, Mayor Parker screams, "UNCLE!"  Her offices were bombarded with sermons and Bibles, she made national news every day for days on end.  Now she declares after "soul searching" she is going to [...]

Tacky Wendy Davis Team: ‘Abbott Just Rolls Around’ In His Wheelchair Because Mocking Disability Is Hilarious Thumbnail

Wendy Davis has been a terrible candidate.  She has run an awful campaign with unforeseen skeletons tumbling out of her closet throughout her race for Texas Governor. She, along with her team, have been classless, tacky, and crude.  And thankfully it's only a matter of days before we can stuff her back in her box [...]

Pastor To Mayor Parker: ‘There Are Times For Bluffs To Be Called…This Moment Seems Appropriate’ Thumbnail

The case of outrageous government intimidation of private citizens, organizations, and local Houston pastors by Mayor Annise Parker is still reverberating in shock through our nation.  It is a story that isn't going away anytime soon, nor should it.  Short of having evidence of a crime or conspiracy to a crime the corrupt Mayor Parker [...]

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Is a Bully, Demands Pastoral Sermons Be Inspected For Anti-Gay Content Thumbnail

I'll be the first to admit that when I first saw this come through my social media feeds, I rolled my eyes and thought "gullible people will believe anything."  As much as I absolutely loathe Houston Mayor, Annise Parker, I thought that even this would be too much for me to believe as a credible [...]

TX Democrats Claiming Minorities Are Incapable Of Obtaining A Voter ID Is Insulting And Racist Thumbnail

I've been an election worker and a poll watcher multiple times throughout my adult years.  To me, elections are one of the most sacred rights and responsibilities we have as Americans.  The integrity of those said elections are so important to me that on many an election day I have divvied up my children to [...]

Harry Reid’s Bodyguard Slams Jason Mattera Into A Wall For Questioning Reid’s Wealth Thumbnail

The little girl in Washington DC, otherwise known as Senator Harry Reid, apparently doesn't feel that his position as a public servant extends to answering basic questions from the press.  When Jason Mattera calmly approaches Reid and his entourage, Harry Reid's response is one that would make Kanye West proud.  Reid and his liberal cohorts [...]

7 Reasons Feminists Feel So Threatened By Outspoken Conservative Women Thumbnail

It is worth repeating...liberal feminists are some of the grossest people in politics.  Inside and out.  If you don't believe me, just go take a look at my twitter timeline because tenacious and outspoken conservative women are the strongest magnets when attracting the attacks of the women on the left.  There is no one that [...]

California School Bans Corrie Ten Boom’s Amazing Holocaust Story For Being ‘Too Christian’ Thumbnail

It is no surprise that this story is coming out of California...as much of the craziness we see happening in our nation's schools seem to resonate from that state that is so unreflective of the rest of the country that it might as well go ahead and disintegrate off our map.  If their liberal policies [...]